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From the thousands of representation requests we receive every year, we generally give concession to few exceptional voiceover artists. In the last few weeks there’s a been a big push from a lot of great talent and there were two artists that stood out so much that we just couldn’t say no to them. 

Introducing the lovely Scarlett Koehne. Scartlett is fresh, young, full of energy and ready to voice.  In her own words, ‘It’s not the voice, it’s the way you use it’. Not only does Scarlett have the voice, but also the chameleon quality that makes her a highly adaptable and desirable voice over artist.

Scarlett hails from the creative Mecca of Adelaide where she dabbled in musical theatre. After taking a sabbatical in her teenage years she found herself in hot demand for local television roles and decided to pursue acting more seriously. She picked up everything and moved to New York City where she studied Meisner technique. After returning to Australia she relocated to Sydney and is currently finishing her professional acting training at ACTT. She fell into voice over work through acting and picked it up like a true natural. She is now infatuated with life behind the mic. Scarlett has a strong ‘cold read’ and loves to wrestle with any direction thrown her way. She prides herself on being an eloquent and intelligent actress – with an edge.

For a new kid on the block she doesn’t have a bad range either. From high-octane and sassy gen-y promos, to a more mature corporate sound, or even a husky smouldering read, she will always bring that ‘Scarlett spark’ which makes her work striking and relatable. Don’t believe us? Take a listen to her compilation reel here and judge for yourself.

The second artist we couldn’t say no to was Matt Thomas. The thing about Matt’s voice is this – you’ve heard it. You’ve loved it. You’ve eaten burgers, seen bands, tuned into radio stations, watched TV series and donated generously to charity because of it.

See, Matt’s voice was made for voiceovers. Once you cast him, you can direct him to be whatever you want – relaxed, intense, smooth, excited – you name it and Matt delivers with a neutral tone that slips into the subconscious of the listener and never wears thin – but boy, does it deliver.

Matt’s a born and bred Aussie, but a couple of gap years in the UK, and a suitcase jammed with life gives him a kind of unique believability that can’t be faked.

He’s real. Crossing everything from acting to retail, corporate, characters, promos and of course guy off the street, Matt’s the guy off the street you’ll probably remember most – even if you don’t realise that you’ve been loving Matt all along.

From multinational brands to the fun and downright silly, Matt’s the whole suit and tie, with the tie slightly loosened.

When Matt’s not voicing he writes, reads, travels, and makes use of the four languages he speaks to good effect. Yes he has done a Voice Over in another language – but don’t make a big deal of it. The Japanese didn’t. The Aussies still get a bit excited however. Head over to Matt’s profile here and check out is extensive range of voice reels.