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RMK requires quite a process to consider new talent, so you know it’s big news when not one but TWO artists are signed…Introducing Jesse Lawrence (Sydney) and Ben Prendergast (Melbourne)

JESSE LAWRENCE - born in Perth and raised in a bath of music and performing, Jesse studied Sound Engineering at Edith Cowan University and kicked it to completion with a Post Graduate Diploma of Broadcasting at the WA Academy of Performing Arts.  While just in high school he began playing a surf instructor in the TV series FOREIGN EXCHANGE and was pulled to host 3 seasons of a live TV variety show called FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE, which won the WA Screen Award for Best Live Production. In 2014 he co-hosted Channel 7′s career search program I WANNA B.  As a seasoned MC, Jesse’s hosted the DOLLY MODEL SEARCH, PERTH FASHION FESTIVAL MODEL SEARCH, and a whole splash of other parties, concerts & charity events. In his broadcasting studies Jesse was trained by WA’s leading voice coach Donald Woodburn and has voiced commercials for clients as wildly diverse as universities and hospitals to fast food franchises and night clubs. Jesse makes everything feel like the main event!
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BEN PRENDERGAST is an accomplished actor and voice artist based in Melbourne. Ben has a super range and loves to deliver reassuring, natural and trustworthy styles for commercial and corporate clients. His voice extends from brand hero to corporate to character to narration and back again. He’s in the ensemble of the acclaimed “Red Stitch Actors Theatre” and has appeared in SEA WALL, THE FLICK, NSFW, STRAIGHT, MIDSUMMER & THE PRIDE…requiring British, American, Irish & Scottish accents.  Screen work in the U.S. has involved him in Predestination (with Ethan Hawke) and the NBC series THE FRONTIER; and here at home in productions such as THE DR. BLAKE MYSTERIES, MISS FISHER’S MURDER MYSTERIES, OFFSPRING, WINNERS & LOSERS. In short, Ben really really really really likes to work.
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