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A true vocal chameleon – from a multitude of accents to world class straight reads – constantly creative, mega versatile, brilliantly inventive and vastly experienced.

Whether it’s for his vocal talents in thousands of international commercials and promos, in films like Evil Dead and The Exorcist, in animation such as The Amazing World of Gumball and Bob the Builder, in the Harry Potter and Star Wars video games, or as a prolific audiobook narrator – Rupert is considered a colossus of the voice over world. Any voice, any accent, anywhere.

He is also an amazing impressionist and can mimic just about anybody.  If you don’t believe us just ask for a sample and we’ll have a clip sent through.

As someone once said – “The elasticity of Rupert’s vocal range is akin to that of Jim Carrey’s face!”

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  1. In advertising I was taught clients always wanted fast, fabulous and a good price, but in reality something had to give. Fast and fabulous meant expensive; fast and affordable meant lower quality; fabulous and affordable meant you couldn’t ask for it quickly. Then I met Rupert Degas. That old adage went straight out the window. Fabulous and beyond, fast, and affordable – because he gets it way before anyone else does. So why settle for two out of three when you can have it all? Simply the most talented voice artist with whom I’ve worked in the last thirty years. And a very nice man too.”

    Michele O’Neill - Global Strategy Partner (Edelman, and previoulsy VCCP, Lowe, Ogilvy Worldwide)

  2. I’ve worked with the best of them – and now Rupert! What a star! While I was thinking about direction, he nailed it. An amazing actor with a unique voice that I never thought we’d find.

    Gaynor Moran - Creative Director (The Hive Creative Colony, Adelaide)

  3. There’s that precarious time when the voice that you heard in your head helps talk a thought into an idea, that then becomes a script. This is when anyone can then try to be that voice in your head. This is when an idea can be lost. Rupert is one of the few voice actors who knows this. He is the champion of that voice in your head. He knows an idea when he reads one.

    Tim Green - Executive Creative Director (M&C Saatchi, Sydney)

  4. Rupert has become a household name in the Sydney VO scene, known for his impressive array of accents, ability to take direction, and speak really really fast when required! As for recording him, he always makes my job easier, as he brings an understanding of what’s required due to his years of experience, be that in front of the microphone or with clients. He’s a very skilfull actor I would recommend to anyone.

    Abby Sie - Sound Designer (Song Zu, Sydney & Singapore)

  5. Working with Rupert is always a pleasure. He is a gent of a man with a tsunami of talent to boot. I’ve actually spent large parts of our sessions just listening to him do different impersonations for my own private enjoyment. And when we get to the actual scripts, Rupert is able to sift through my often contradicting direction to find exactly what I’m after. If I were rich I would have him narrate my life in real time, all the time.

    Stuart Turner - Group Executive Creative Director (DDB, Melbourne)

  6. Rupert can copy any accent without breaking a sweat. He is versatile, creative, hilarious, energetic, engaged, and can do anything from retail to dark crime. He’s always on time, loves a chat, and is a delight to work with; makes you want to go for a coffee or a glass of wine and continue the erudite conversations. Try him for your next job. Just don’t give him too much work, we need him to fit our jobs into his schedule!

    Jeanette Johnson - Senior Creative Factual Channels (Foxtel, Sydney)

  7. Rupert makes every script better. I’ve relied on him too many times to count. He’s my guy, don’t use him!

    Simon Vicars - Creative Director (DDB, London)

  8. Rupert is a dream to work with. Not only can he do any voice, he can also charm any client. His Donald Trump and other impersonations leave the whole studio in stitches.

    Dan O’Bey - Creative Head (Joy Agency, Sydney)

  9. I’ve worked with Rupert for many many years (in London and Sydney), and he’s been every voice under the sun for me – JFK, a pot noodle, a narrator, a dog, and a corporate voice – and has nailed it 100% of the time. Rupert is gem, who always has my clients enraptured with his amazing array of voices and stories. Rupert is seriously the best.

    Emily Bull - Executive Producer / Founder (Hello Future, Sydney)

  10. Rupert is hands down my favourite voice actor to collaborate with. He brings an enormous amount of exuberance and creativity to every script, with a versatility that is mind-boggling; he can present you with a myriad of impersonations, accents and personalities. You’d be mad not to give Rupert the opportunity to improvise in the booth – he will surprise and delight you.

    Cate Stewart - Director (Parliament Films, Sydney)

  11. Rupert is one of my favourite voice actors to work with. He has incredible range across accents, characters and impersonations. In any session he’ll have you in awe of his voice skills, then in hysterical laughter at his comedic ad-libs. Rupert is always a professional and regardless of the job’s size, brand, or value, he gives his all every time.

    Tone Aston - Owner / Creative Director (Rumble Studios / Sydney)

  12. I know everything is alright in the world when Rupert walks into the studio. Rupert is an artist of truly kaleidoscopic ability. Working with Rupert always reminds me of the phrase ‘turn water into wine’ and I’m sure he could do that too!

    Buzz Pringle - Sound Designer / Owner (Buzz Pringle, Sydney)

  13. What a find! I give Rupert a brief on the evening train home and wake up to a multitude of quality and diverse reads sitting in Dropbox! As well as completely nailing it, Rupert can do many different voices, ages and accents, often including several I haven’t asked for and a few thrown in just to make me laugh! He not only consistently over delivers, he’s also nice – which helps. In addition to Rupert’s talent, the efficiencies in time and money I get from his versatility, availability and self-sufficiency have been an absolute godsend.

    Toby Clifton - Integrated Production Director (JWT, London)

  14. Rupert has been a part of nearly every show I’ve created – his range is huge and his stamina is remarkable. Working with Rupert is like having an extra creative producer on the team. From character sketches, short character biogs, or just on the fly, he’ll bring things to the project you’d never have thought of. He blows me away with his exceptional talent and hypnotic enthusiasm.

    James Fox - Writer / Director (Cartoon Network, London)

  15. With Rupert, there is no impression in the galaxy left unturned. A true gentleman of the vocal world.

    Sean Ascroft - Head of TV (303 Mullen Lowe, Sydney)

  16. Rupert is the ultimate professional. He has always delivered above and beyond on every job we’ve worked on, which has been many over the years.

    Simon Lister - Sound Designer / Partner (Nylon Studios, Sydney, Melbourne & New York)

  17. Rupert is a dream to work with. His range of voices, characters and VO styles is endless, precise and adaptable, and as a voice actor he is unsurpassed, from animated heroes, to the full range of accents, to a warm and inviting straight voice. His attention to detail, unfailing willingness to help, and all-round professionalism make him someone I will always be happy to work with again and again. Great value for money and an attitude of ‘let’s get this right’ makes him a valuable and cost-effective addition to any production. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

    Neil Gardner - Managing Director (Spoken World Audio, London)

  18. “From an African woman, to Scottish twins, Rupert has tackled every character I’ve thrown at him with aplomb. Hard or soft sell, straight, emotional, raving lunatic, or anything in between – scripts come alive with Rupert’s skill and professionalism. He brings so much more to a session than just incredible vocal talent. He works hard to understand the desired outcome and always aims high. I’ve yet to find something he can’t do, talented bugger.”

    Mitch Mitchell - Creative Director (The Studio at SCA, Perth)

  19. I work with Rupert quite a lot. His characters and accents are spot on, his timing is impeccable, and if I’m lost for another way to do something, he is always inventive and helpful in looking at a script from a new perspective. This probably comes from countless years of acting, and dealing with directors, creatives and clients who don’t know what they want. I can highly recommend him for his versatility, speed and professionalism. He’s also an all-round good bloke.

    Mike Boswell - Principal / Creative Director (Boswell Group, Sydney)

  20. Rupert is a prodigy. We call him ‘the vocal chameleon’ because there’s nobody on earth alive or dead he can’t impersonate. Working with Rupert is always electrifying, although ‘work’ isn’t the right word because you’re not supposed to laugh that much at work. Rupert is an artist and he paints with his voice. Just give the man a canvas, microwave some popcorn, and sit back and enjoy the show.

    Garry Dean - Creative Director (Nova Entertainment, Perth)

  21. Rupert has to be one of the most diverse, professional and accommodating individuals I have come across. He is very collaborative, goes the extra mile, and embraces every challenge thrown at him. He is a master of his trade, and is someone I can definitely rely on when needing his expertise. He has a plethora of talents and skills, and is also a very nice chap!

    Dan Aldridge - Creative Director (BBC Worldwide, Sydney)

  22. I have used Rupert for hundreds of voice-overs and have never actually met him in the flesh! That is testament to how easy he is to work with, how well he takes direction over the phone and how well he understands what we’re trying to achieve. Every time, Rupert delivers with a top level of professionalism and humour. In short I’d recommend him to anyone – and one day I hope to meet him.

    Guy Mansfield - Director / Producer / Owner (Kudos Films, Sydney)

  23. Rupert is a rare talent – his diversity and range are second to none. Any creative worth their salt knows that the ability to improvise and make something better is one of the most valuable elements of creating amazing work. Rupert gets this, and can deliver on it. He can do everything from character voices to raw emotion to narrative reads – so much so you would never know it’s the same person. If you’re looking for more than ‘just’ a voice, Rupert is your man.

    Matt Keon - Creative Director (Fallon, London)

  24. Rupert is an amazing talent who consistently over-delivers. He may be on the other side of the globe, but he always makes it feel collaborative, like we’re sitting in the same studio. And for folks in the US, working with Rupert is fast – because while you’re sleeping or drinking too many beers, Rupert is hard at work recording your awesome VO. He brings smart opinion with the skills to match, and I think ‘the man of a thousand voices’ even sells him a little short. I couldn’t recommend him any higher.

    Zach Rener - Advertising Creative (Greatest Common Factory USA)

  25. Rupert is one of the most talented voice actors I have ever worked with – versatile, flexible, innovative and packed with creative energy. His intelligence and humour add depth to characters, his energy contributes pace and intensity, and his love for the work makes sessions hugely enjoyable.

    Dirk Maggs - Writer / Director (BBC Radio, London)

  26. A master craftsman and always a pleasure to have in the studio – needs cloning!

    Mark Estdale - Videogame Voice Director (OMUK)

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