Jamie Greene

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Jamie is as equally adept at smooth, casual deliveries as he is with a youthful, outgoing feel or go-as-hard-as-you-like retail. His versatility and the ease with which he interprets scripts comes in part from many years on the other side of mic directing and producing countless commercials for radio, television and the net. After many years working in this capacity with the industry’s best, Jamie found his own voice in the mid ‘90’s while heading up the production crew at 2Day FM. Since then Jamie has been the vocal craftsman featured on thousands of national radio and TV campaigns. Sometimes he’s over easy soft n smooth, other times quirky and eccentric, he can switch to compassionate and empathetic in a moment and rolls quickly into high-energy retail or music promo mode whenever required. They’re all part of his personality and vast vocal vocabulary – all you have to do is choose which Jamie you want!


  1. I always look forward to getting Jamie onto a Triple M Voice session. Not only does he sound great on our brand, but he is always efficient in our sessions, takes direction on board well and I always end up with a little something extra in the sessions thanks to his experienced input along the way. Not to mention, Jamie is a ripper of a bloke.

    Brendan Tacey - Triple M Network Head of Production

  2. Jamie Greene has been the voice of Toyota retail for many years because of his ability to deliver enthusiasm and integrity with every read. No matter what the tonal requirement, there’s a credibility to Jamie’s voice that genuinely engages – and ultimately sells. Clients love that.

    Wayne Maloney - Executive Creative Director (Odd fellows Dentsu)

  3. We have been using Jamie Greene for voice-overs for many years now and that’s because he’s easily one of the most professional talents in the business. He has a great voice that lends itself to a range of expressions and he always helps to get the product just right. Fast, efficient, reliable, just what you want in these busy times.

    Hamish Cameron CEO, Chief Entertainment

  4. Jamie is fantastic to work with, understand what we need and nails it in the first few reads
    Charlie Done – Scenic Producer- Scenic.

    Charlie Done


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