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Jacquie Brennan is one of Australia’s most acclaimed and sought after voice over artists.

Known and respected throughout the industry for her versatility, breadth of range and enthusiastic approach, Jacquie can take any script for any voice over job and make it shine. A professional actor for more years than she’d care to admit, Jacquie marries the skills of professional training with an uncanny instinctual flair to create memorable narratives, vital and engaging  retail reads and highly entertaining characters for both international and locally produced animated series.

Sought after by Australia’s premier recording studios and production companies, Jacquie never fails to satisfy, often exceeding the expectations of clients and creatives. Soft and sensual through to crazy and quirky; one listen to Jacquie’s extensive body of work will demonstrate the great scope she is capable of bringing to any voice over.



  1. Casting a voice is such a critical part of sound production, especially in my area of producing and recording multimedia projects. That’s why working with a voice artist who understands direction makes recording sessions a whole lot easier and more enjoyable. Being an accomplished actor, Jacquie contributes skills to a television or radio script that can make it work so much better for the client. There’s her versatile voice of course, but also an understanding of the importance of inflection, and getting those subtle nuances just right. I know animators enjoy working with Jacquie because of her sense of comedic timing and her ability to hit the mark with character voices. Jacquie is also very proficient at sight-reading and is a stickler for those basic principles of doing her homework and turning up on time. Even with bigger jobs like long-form documentaries and audio books, you know you’ll not only get a great read but the session will finish on time. From my side of the microphone, ‘talent’ means a great deal more than a distinctive voice, which is why working with Jacquie is always so rewarding.

    Phil Webster - Sound Director, Risk Sound

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