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“Nick just gets it right every time!”….

Nick O’Rourke’s unique and natural deliveries have made him one of Australia’s busiest Voice Actors, with his precision, versatility and diligence to direction keeping Nick in constant demand. Nick’s Voice Acting ability enables him to be everything from ‘the guy off the street’ to the ‘retail tag voice’ while still being the edgy/laid back voice for countless music campaigns. Nick is also becoming the voice of choice for corporate and online narrations where an international / neutral accent is required and he’s developed a great range of animation character voices – (check out the YouTube character link: )

Nick’s ‘nothing’s a problem’, ‘can do’ attitude, means his focus is all about giving you the best result… and that might explain the longevity of his client relationships. It’s a combination of Nick’s natural talent, passion, enthusiasm and relaxed sense of humour that shine through at every session, which shows just how much he loves what he does.


  1. Nick is an extremely gifted voice over with a very approachable style. He manages to make the most retail of retail reads sound cool and can tug at the heartstrings when required. His laid back nature creates an air of calm in the studio and makes him incredibly easy to work with. Nicks voice is one you never get tired of hearing.

    Mark Brandis - ISM Studios

  2. Nick is one of the tops. A rare talent whose range is surpassed only by his attitude. Always willing to go above and beyond, Nick is simply a joy to work with.

    Michael A. Smith - Senior Producer , ESPN New York

  3. Nick has played many roles for me. MVO1, MVO2 and occasionally Announcer. However, the role he plays best is that of Australia’s top VO artist. It’s that simple. He delivers a brilliant performance every time and is blessed with the uncanny knack of reading faster without it sounding faster. On top of all that, he plays the role of a bloody great bloke to perfection.

    Andrew Hankin - Creative Director, Ogilvy Australia

  4. We love working with Nick, and have done so hundreds of times over the last 13 years. He’s not only versatile, with a great voice, he’s also a great guy that brings a fun energy to the recording sessions. He has an impeccable sense of timing as well; if you need a read just a few frames faster, he nails it. Nick is without a doubt, one of the top voices in the business.

    Marc Collister General Manager / Partner P2 Content Agency

  5. Nick is without doubt one of the most talented voice artists in Australia. He has a great range, an incredible understating of what the client is looking for, and also interpreting their direction. I’ve worked with Nick countless times and every session has been easy and effortless with him in the booth. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nick for any job.

    Anthony Aston

  6. I have been working with Nick for close to 10 years already and I can honestly say he is one of the most professional VO artists around. Great talent and attitude, always on time, no arrogance in sight (even though he could afford it given his outstanding talent!) and he’s just brilliant to work with. He always nails the brief and is flexible if the direction changes during the session. I also really appreciate his input and suggestions when it comes to finding the right vibe or even tweaking the script. And if your client tries to cram in too many words into 30 sec, Nick has the amazing ability to not only fit it all in but he doesn’t even make it sound rushed! Nick is always 10 out of 10!

    Pat Pesch Creative Director / Founder Post P2

  7. I’m the Head of Television at M&C Saatchi where we produce literally thousands of broadcast commercials in addition to online and long form material per year.
    When it comes to the choice of voice over artist it’s imperative to cast not only the right sounding voice, but from a producers point of view an artist who understands the key nuances of tone and direction. Nick is simply one of the very finest in the business who nails each and every script effortlessly with his reassuringly confident, smooth and contemporary voice. He’s also a really lovely guy.

    Rod James, M&C Saatchi

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