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The moment you hear his voice you know it’s going to cut through.

Resonate, honeyed, mellifluous, warm, real or ridiculous – Adam Whitby is regarded as one of Australia’s most versatile voice actors whose natural interpretation of scripts and subtleties in delivery, keep him in high demand.

One of Adam’s most recognised skills is his ability to give any product or brand its own unique sound. Be it for national advertising campaigns or award-winning radio and television promos; Adam has a proven track record in all areas of the voice business, both in Australia & abroad.

Adam is a true professional who worked his way into voice acting over many years. With a BA in Media Communications alongside his name, Adam worked as a copywriter & creative director, actor & on-air host, & now also as a voice coach – an ideal combination of skills to make him one of Australia’s outstanding voice talents.

Once you’ve worked with Adam, you’ll know why he has had over ten highly successful years with RMK Management & is also an agency represented voice talent in The US.


  1. Adam excelled at the challenge we set – tell a story interspersed with traditional Scottish Gaelic. Adam not only nailed the pronunciation of the phrases, he understood how it helped tell the story, and the link with the English around it.
    ‘Moran Taing’ Adam.

    Mike Barry

  2. With the Covid – era providing challenges with lockdowns, and disruptions to recording sessions – It’s essential for studios to have a reliable talent base for remote recordings. I have been working with Adam for several months now on various campaigns and his professionalism, as well as his home set up, is outstanding. I can’t recommend him enough!

    Justin Braine Sound Design

  3. It is rare to find a voiceover with as much experience and talent as Adam. He is a true professional who is loved by both clients and engineers.

    Mark Brandis - ISM Studios

  4. We have worked with Adam on a number of occasions and he has made every session a pleasure. Funny, cordial and always professional. We can’t recommend him highly enough for his energy and exuberance.

    Galvin Scott Davis -

  5. Adam Whitby is our “go to” man for voiceovers. Why? Because he brings a high level of professionalism, flexibility and versatility to every job. Whether we need deep gravitas, an Aussie bloke talking to his mates or anything in between, Adam delivers…usually on the first read! With his talents as a voice over artist and his ability to fit in with our often-short deadlines, I can highly recommend Adam to any prospective clients…10/10

    Lee Featherby - Powerful Points Australia / International

  6. National Geographic (AU/NZ) has had the pleasure of working with Adam Whitby for about 2 years now. In that time Adam has voiced anything from daily line-ups to tent-pole campaigns, including Outback Wrangler as well as special event promos such as Anzac Day. Adam is a consummate professional, with a rare and distinguished voice. He has the talent and experience to deftly navigate a script as well as take direction with aplomb. His polished performances have seen him introduce our viewers to everything from the Story of God to the Science of Stupid. Adam is a gentleman and an authentic talent.

    Richard Mayer CSM, National Geographic, Fox Networks Groups

  7. Adam has been my top VO pick for over a decade… he has a masterful understanding of the craft. Always big and rich, but also incredibly versatile. Straight, hard, warm, compassionate, character, Adam has it all in his kit bag.
    Great behind the mic and ready for a yarn when the gig is done, Adam is a rare talent.

    Chris Gregson - Head of Creative - Powered Studios / Macquarie Media

  8. The importance of audio is to create brand value and recognition – Adam is an architect of sound and branding with his truly unique voice. Hearing is the most powerful emotion, and Adam stands out, adapting to every project with ease and class, whether it be a sound of fun, empathy, uplifting or authoritive. Having worked with Adam nationally across radio station branding and commercial production, he is a consummate professional and I would highly recommend him as the voice of your next campaign.

    David Konsky – Head of Production – Southern Cross Austereo

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