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Matty Morris began dancing as soon as he could walk. It was immediately obvious to everyone that even then as a small child, he lacked the rhythm and coordination to succeed.  Undeterred, Matty continued to dance and showed no progress what so ever. After endless rejections by Dance schools and instructors, Matty went on to develop his own free-form expression – an expression that can make an audience feel queasy and is simply no good.

Though not blessed with the natural talent to dominate the world of dance, Matty Morris does seem to have a knack for saying words into microphones.  In fact, as a voice actor, he is perhaps the best there has ever been. Ever.


  1. I love ‘Have You Been Paying Attention’ and really liked the sound of the voice over guy. I searched online and found out that it was you Matty! I really love how you get the show started with your enthusiasm, and especially how you introduce Sam Pang “And Sam Paaaang”. I am glad that I found you to tell you that I enjoy your work!

    Joanne Lewis

  2. I love working with Matty Morris. He is super reliable and always switched on – you can count on him to exceed all your client’s expectations. No matter the job, he always brings something extra to the table. A real pro’s pro.

    Maria Borowski - Leo Burnett, Melbourne

  3. I am continually impressed with the quality Matty brings to a session. If you need to get the feel right, Matty goes the extra mile…….every time. There’s a reason why his voice is on some of the biggest campaigns.

    Chris Gates - Commercial Production Manager, The Studio SCA

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