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Ross is a multi-talented actor with a young, fresh and rich UK voice. With extensive training and a great range, Ross is able to effortlessly switch between accents and characters. He can also create a rather in-demand “international” sound, which has made him a go-to choice for campaigns, audiobooks and television shows all around the world.

In addition to his impressive voice work, Ross has also made a name for himself on stage, with notable theatre credits including “Happy” in the sell out season of Death of a Salesman (touring nationally this year), “Him/Robert” in The Human Voice, “Dogberry” in Much ado About Nothing, “Jack” in The Importance of Being Earnest and “Ariel” in The Pillowman.

His Screen credits include; appearances in Sketches for “The Weekly with Charlie Pickering“, as well as upcoming roles in SBS’s “Safe Home” and Channel Nine’s “Warnie”.

Ross is not only a talented actor, but also a filmmaker. In 2020, he founded MAD HATTER FILMS, a production house dedicated to creating narrative works and commercial content. As a director, Ross has helmed numerous projects with his latest film Friends of Mine (2021) screening both in Australia and Europe and is about to screen in San Francisco. He has also served as Director of Photography on several projects.

But Ross’s talents don’t stop there. Outside of voiceover, acting and filmmaking, he is also a dedicated supporter of the STARLIGHT CHILDREN’S FOUNDATION, where he serves as a Captain Starlight.

With his impressive range of skills and dedication to making a difference, Ross is a true force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.


  1. Ross is a terrific actor in every sense of the word. A super versatile voice in the booth that follows direction and is very patient in delivering whatever’s asked of him. An all round nice guy and pleasure to have in the studio, I highly recommend when you need someone that will bring warmth, character and class to your script.

    Liam Annert

  2. Ross Dwyer is an absolute pleasure to work with, he’s spot on with direction and great to collaborate with when script changes are needed quickly.

    Tristan Dewey

  3. Ross brings a wealth of accents and energy with him to every session. With a strong theatre background he takes direction extremely well, always keen to make get the best out of each line. He is an absolute delight to deal with and is always willing to do as many takes as you think may be needed.

    Clark Randerson

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