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Stephen’s first memory of story telling, was when he was 5 years old, on holiday in his native Yorkshire. Upon hearing his half Australian half Yorkshire accent his relatives stuck him on a chair, crowded round, poked him with a stick and said, “Talk!” Sadly for those close to him he hasn’t drawn breath since…

Stephen discovered that he was a performer a few months later when he streaked through one of his mother’s tea parties wearing nothing but her oversized platform shoes and a miniature cape shrieking, “Someone’s let the snake out.  Run for your life!”

When you combine these two irrepressible forces. Verbal diarrhoea and a penchant for whipping out the marzipan and cumquats you have rich dank earth in which to grow a unique and formidable Voice Artist. Best illustrated by director Gillian Armstrong when she had Stephen flown to Sydney from Perth to voice some Speed catches up with you… National Drug Offensive spots. When asked why she went to such lengths, She replied “Stephen’s voice has this indefinable quality. It’s just totally believable.”

It still confounds Stephen, how a little boy from Paraburdoo, on the edge of The Great Sandy Desert, ended up making a living pimping out his chops in the Voice Over Business. But he counts his blessings daily that he does because he absolutely loves it. And it sure beats driving a haul pack. They’re a prick of a thing to parallel park.

Stephen has also tried his hand at writing and film making.  Some of his efforts can be seen at


  1. Stephen (Briggsy) is an absolute pleasure to work with, with an amazing ability to make even the cheesiest of scripts sound real and sincere.

    No matter how convoluted your or your client’s direction is, Briggsy just GETS it.

    Paul Corbett

  2. Adaptable and talented, but with an eye and a voice for the business’ bottom line. Stephen gives a 110% for his clients and his audience.

    Steven Nicols

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