Scarlett Koehne

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Scarlett is one of the most experienced Melbourne voices within the young adult category.

She knows exactly what a script needs on the first read, and offers plenty of range and choice for clients to choose from.

With a background in acting, Scarlett never shies away from a challenging read. Her technical vocal training gives her a rare confidence in a voice artist of her age, which translates to effortless sessions with clients all over Australia.

She is passionate about crafting the perfect ‘brand voice’ and imprints that trademark Scarlett-spark in every piece of work.

Industry leaders would describe Scarlett’s voice as warm, personable, believable and effervescent, much like her nature. It is impossible to finish a session with Scarlett without a grin from ear-to-ear.


  1. Scarlett Koehne is an artisan of her craft; by that I mean she turns words on a page into a conversation with the audience you want to reach. As a professional, Scarlett is, in the same parts, both delightful & inspiring to work with. Scarlett understands a brief, offers up really interesting choices, while at the same time taking direction … she does all these things with enthusiasm and excitement. Scarlett makes making content fun, exciting and successful. Her (last) name is hard so say, however, once you meet her, she’s impossible to forget as a true talent. I could not recommend Scarlett more highly to your production. She made ours a true success.

    Nick Colquhoun - Executive Producer, The Public Domain

  2. Scarlett is great to work with! Super smiley and easy-going she takes direction like a champ! Her voice is bright and has great cut-through, with just the right amount of rasp. It’s as close as you can get to sunshine!

    Ben Oakley - Producer, Mediaheads

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