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San Francisco native and New York ‘brewed’, Paige Walker is somewhat of an American gypsy-which has resulted in the creation of an incredibly versatile voice artist. From her international cartoon character for Sea Princesses (Channel 7) to her highly sought after friendly and charming corporate style, Paige is a ‘one stop shop’ for American female voice.

Paige’s study of acting, voice, dance and directing went from one of America’s leading performing arts schools onto a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre. It was there, in college, where she began to teach voice, specialising in the American Dialect. She honed her craft in New York for 8 years before making the move to Sydney in 2000 where she is now a highly desired American Dialect coach, working on films, in theatre and private tuition.

Whether you need a hard-core redneck, a movie star, Google read or the sass of Jim Beam ad, Paige’s performance background, impressive versatility and knowledge of her country’s dialects makes her a priceless commodity for your American project.


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