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Nick caught the VO bug in the 80’s as a rookie radio DJ and journalist when he was spinning 45’s by Kids in the Kitchen, Wham and U2.  Voicing and making commercials was a part of the gig and so reading stuff kind of stuck. Although he’s also had oodles of time in front of the camera, Nick is moved by sound. The nuances of tone, timbre and timing fascinate him and there is little that he has not put his voice to. You may know Nick as, “That guy from the ARIA Awards!”


  1. Thank you so much for working with us. Your performance was exactly how I wanted – like Kevin McCloud from Grand Designs and you nailed it. Thanks again.

    Marielle Ewington, Head of Marketing at CleanSpace Technology Pty Ltd

  2. If you’re looking for an on-camera presenter who can convey trust, warmth, empathy and intelligence, Nick’s your man. Apart from bringing the script to life with his unique style and delivery, Nick was a dream to work with. Not only was Nick friendly and professional, he was actually interested in what we were doing and the story we were trying to get across. His efforts contributed greatly to a corporate video the client loved.

    Tim Arrowsmith - Writer

  3. We were searching for a host for our annual STAR Employee Awards event. As an employment and disability service provider, we were looking for a warm, friendly and experienced host who could bring to life our awards within an exciting online platform. Nick handled the script, new platform and technology, live crosses and interviews brilliantly, bringing a mix of both humour and humanity to the awards. He was patient and professional, generous of spirit and many of my colleagues commented on how wonderful Nick was as a host. I would engage with Nick again in a heartbeat.

    Samantha Fenton - Senior Manager - Marketing, Communications, Ability Options

  4. Looking for options to present to client, Nick appeared as the ‘In the Spotlight’ feature artist on the RMK landing page. Nick has an accessible warmth to his voice which is why we ended up working with him on our campaign.
    An absolute pleasure to work with, Nick is easy to direct and offers up alternative suggestions – it was finally his suggested approach that made the cut. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Nick – a consummate professional and a really nice person.

    Suzanne Mallos – Producer, Macquarie Group, Sydney

    Suzanne Mallos

  5. Nick was a fantastic host for our 4 part podcast series we recorded with him. He is an adaptive and empathetic interviewer, which made for really engaging and informative pieces. Nick was comfortable with the research element and working off script. He showed great professionalism throughout the process. Was a pleasure to work with!

    Hannah Day

  6. Nick is always a real pleasure to work with. He’s highly professional, generous with his time and always goes above and beyond to deliver a read that is spot on for our requirements.

    James Wright - Marketing Manager, Loyalty - The Australian Ballet

  7. Working with Nick as narrator for an audiobook version of our novel was a wonderful experience. We chose Nick because his voice is so loaded with empathy and warmth, and because he appeals to both male and female listeners alike. Because our novel will be released internationally, we were also looking for a ‘mid-Pacific’ read, something not overtly Australian but neutral enough to appeal to Brits and Americans alike. Nick was able to strike the perfect balance. I don’t think we would could have found a better fit.
    He also has his own professional recording facilities at home in the way of
    ‘Studio Beatnick’ which made the whole process such a manageable, easy and enjoyable way to compile our audiobook. We’ll be working with Nick again.

    Jeff Clulow – Author ‘The Wentworth Prospect’

  8. After many years I recently reacquainted myself with the voice of Nick Bennett and I immediately remembered what a great voice it is. Nick has a tremendous range and can instantly perfect the style and tone required in a script. Plus, Nick is super friendly and great to work with.

    Michael Church - Producer, Electronic Edits

  9. Hats off to Nick for making the recording session so straight forward and enjoyable. This was my client’s first voiceover and she couldn’t have enjoyed it more. Nick delivered exactly as required – and not satisfied with anything less than perfect he persisted with takes until he was 100% happy. The end result was spot on. Highly recommend Nick, great to work with.

    Laurie - DTV Group: Hong Kong· South Korea· India· Australia· UK· Germany

  10. Across an intensive 5-day rural & remote commercial production schedule Nick was truly great to work with. Going above & beyond with production requirements, presenter feedback, & a demanding shot list, he added both creativity in front of the camera & a helping hand on-set for our small crew. We had an absolute blast collaborating with Nick throughout the entire production; Looking forward to the next one.

    Benny Edwards - Producer/Directer @ BC Films

  11. Nick Bennett has easily been one of the most professional and easy to work with actors/ personalities in my 20+ year career in advertising. Nick has an excellent knack of delivering EXACTLY what you ask for hitting every piece of feedback with precision take after take all the while giving a performance that feels relaxed, effortless ,likeable and engaging. We’re looking forward to working with Nick again as much as possible!

    Wade Khun - King of Mischief, Mister Mischief

  12. Nick has a great resonant voice, he’s very flexible, and can do characters and accents. His voice is very natural sounding, and works across many genres.

    Not to mention he’s a pleasure to work with!

    Timothy Webster, Promo Producer, Foxtel Movies

    Timothy Webster

  13. Whenever we need a voice that can sit across three different radio brands and genres, we call Nick. He has the ability to make a read sound effortless and believable. Our clients love him.

    Gregg Sinclair - Sound Designer, Australian Radio Network

  14. Nick works live and often unscripted. He has redefined the role of an awards announcer keeping the 5,000+ live audience in the Sydney Super Dome and million+ viewers entertained throughout the three hour telecast.

    Stephen Tate, Head of Entertainment and Factual Programs, Network Ten, Australia

  15. Is it getting hot in here? No … that’s just the warmth coming from Nick Bennett during a recording session. Nick doesn’t do awkward. He’s friendly and charming right off the bat. You’ll feel like you’ve known him for years. Being a writer himself, scripts just ‘speak to him’ and he intuitively knows what subtle nuances are required to bring them to life. His voice strikes the perfect balance between natural / genuine and corporate / professional. A highly sought after combo that’s about as rare as rocking horse poo. And he’s willing and able to quickly fine tune his read on the fly, however you like it. Nick is one of those guys who’s not satisfied leaving the booth until the job is 100% nailed. Then he’ll give you one more take, just to be sure. It doesn’t matter how shit the script is, Nick will help you sculpt it into a dolphin.

    Garry Dean, Creative Director NOVA 93.7, Perth

  16. Nick Bennett is a very professional Voice Over Artist and excellent to work with. He is flexible and friendly and can produce the results that clients are after on every occasion. I would highly recommend Nick Bennett.

    Declan Diacono - Sound Engineer, Klang, Newtown

  17. Please extend my thanks to Nick; the recordings were completely spot on and were exactly what I wanted and needed!

    George Katsantonis, Technical Operations Manager, mynetfone Sydney

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