Georgie Ward

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Georgie is a vibrant, young voice artist who has been part of the RMK team since 2017.

Her great passion for voice acting resonates in her performance, bringing a unique, authentic, and natural warmth to every read. Her husky voice, professionalism, and friendly personality has led her to work behind the mic for Kmart, Nickelodeon, ABC, NOVA, Commonwealth Bank and more.

Georgie is a versatile voice actor with a natural talent for interpreting scripts and delivering for specific feel – she can bring a heartfelt, sensitive, touching read, however can also nail an energetic, creative performance. She will always bring 110% to any job!


  1. We loved working with Georgie. Her voice was perfect for the project and she was very professional and a joy to work with. I’d highly recommend her.

    Peter Lenaerts

  2. I was super-impressed with Georgie. She took direction excellently in spite of the fact that she didn’t have too much experience in the booth. She delivered a really sensitive performance of a script that had some heavy issues in it. She was professional and wasn’t at all intimidated by having to do multiple takes and pick ups of lines.

    I’d happily recommend her for future jobs!

    Mick Elliot – Head of on Air & Creative Services Nickelodeon

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