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Georgie Ward …if you are looking for a wonderfully enthusiastic, infectious personality teamed with a warm husky voice, then look no further!

Georgie can chat more than most people but also knows when to zip it, take direction and concentrate when needed. She loves to sing and play the guitar enthralling audiences as the lead singer of her high school rock band as well as school musicals. Art, design, sports and aikido are just a few of her other passions. She will bring her bright and bubbly self to every job, for sure! Wonderful to work with and a unique voice … the whole package.


  1. We loved working with Georgie. Her voice was perfect for the project and she was very professional and a joy to work with. I’d highly recommend her.

    Peter Lenaerts

  2. I was super-impressed with Georgie. She took direction excellently in spite of the fact that she didn’t have too much experience in the booth. She delivered a really sensitive performance of a script that had some heavy issues in it. She was professional and wasn’t at all intimidated by having to do multiple takes and pick ups of lines.

    I’d happily recommend her for future jobs!

    Mick Elliot – Head of on Air & Creative Services Nickelodeon

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