Flynn Stewart

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Flynn is an authority on all things to do with skateboarding. When he was 12 he came up with the idea for his own skate label and designed a logo and t-shirts. He is never without his skateboard. If he is not standing on it, it is under his arm. A recent trip to NYC saw him cover a lot of ground and make a lot of new friends through his exploration of the city’s skateparks.

Flynn throws himself into school drama and productions. He loves music and plays the guitar. Playing in bands at Stephanie Bourke’s Kings Cross Conservatorium until it sadly closed. He also enjoys surfing and snowboarding (anything that involves a board).

He has an easy going personality, loves people and commits wholeheartedly to any project he undertakes.

He likes to go to work with his dad, a photographer and enjoys helping him, on film sets or in the studio.


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