Emma Leonard

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Emma brings a spontaneous energy and natural warmth to all her voice work, coming from a strong acting background in film theatre and television.

Emma can currently be seen playing school teacher ‘Tracey Dennis’ in Seven’s hit drama series 800 WORDS. Having also played a school teacher in Home and Away, Emma feels imminently qualified to help with most homework questions (although the answers are often wrong) Other TV appearances include WONDERLAND, UNDERBELLY, RESCUE SPECIAL OPS, REVIEW WITH MYLES BARLOW and ALL SAINTS.

Her film credits include Australian indie features VULNERABLE and DEALING WITH DESTINY and she also takes every opportunity to jump behind the camera which has resulted in several award winning short films and web series.

Emma is the voice of numerous radio and television campaigns and has mastered a wide range of styles, nailing the smooth and natural, genuine read. She’s delivered important government messages, spiced up many a summer sale and even fulfilled a lifelong dream of voicing an animated french fry ‘femme fatale’ for Maccas.


  1. Like a fine Margaret River Pinot Noir, Emma just keeps getting better.

    Andrew Eadie


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