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Diana Glenn has worked extensively as an actress in this country for far longer than she would like to admit to. Her most recent roles include a stalker photographer who gets to roll around with Guy Pearce in “Jack Irish”, a long suffering wife to a drug addict in “Killing Time”, a hooker with a heart of gold in “Satisfaction”, a beguiling PI in “Carla Cametti” and a well groomed but beaten up wife in “The Slap” for which she won an AACTA award for Best Supporting Actress. She has also been nominated for a Logie Award and AFI award for best leading actress in a TV series.

She absolutely loves the work she does both as an actress and voice over artist, particularly for the creative collaboration involved, opportunity to play make believe and ability to reach people whether it be on the screen or over the sound waves.

Her natural warmth and enthusiasm lend her voice to all manner of roles – from a natural, conversational read, to a soft sell or retail to voice acting and straight corporate . Whatever the job, she feels confident in taking and following direction, bringing a consummate level of professionalism and dedication at all times and delivering a fresh, unique and exceptional result.


  1. If you are lucky enough to have the talented Ms Diana Glenn in front of a microphone, you’ll immediately realise you’ve made the right choice. Her ability to understand ideas and translate them into a performance is amazing. She also has the skill to fine tune her performance, which is priceless when communicating ideas. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough, Diana is a delight to work with.

    Craig Conway - Final Sound

  2. We have been using the versatile Diana Glenn’s voice at Production Alley for years now. This doesn’t mean she is old, but she does have a lot of experience. Diana can produce a warm and natural read, but when it comes to retail, she has an abundance of enthusiasm, clarity and speed.

    Rodney Lowe - Production Alley

  3. Diana is awesome. Lovely to work with, patient, diplomatic and great fun. She is one of those gems who can both act and do a good voice over. She’s very versatile, and as comfortably suited to sharp retail as whispering sweet nothings in French. She has a great sense of humour and fine comedy timing, and understands the nuance of a writer’s choice of words. And, she’s one of the nicest human beings in the industry.

    Stephen Renfree - Bang Bang Studios

  4. Diana is always super professional and a delight to work with. She takes direction beautifully and has great range of styles and mood. She is always so happy and polite and we couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

    Col and Brigitte - Gusto

  5. Working with Diana is always an absolute pleasure, not just because of her charm and her wit. It’s also because she is one of those rare actors that has the natural instinct to nail a read every single time without fail, bringing more life to a script than the creative ever imagined. She just gets it!

    Paul McCosh, Sound Designer - Viva Sound

  6. We are lucky to be graced with Diana’s presence most weeks. She takes direction exceptionally well. She’s versatile, professional, consistent, loyal and creates an assurance in the studio; there aren’t any limitations. She’s an absolute pleasure to work with.

    Laura Hesse - Final Sound

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