Danny OGrady

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As someone who works, lives and breathes radio, Danny understands the importance of the voice process in relation to the final product. Whether it’s a character or just ‘that random guy,’ Danny can deliver a sound that is sure to make your product even more awesome and sell lots of stuff too.

It all started a few years ago when Danny was on the producer’s side of the voice booth giving orders to talent, when suddenly, all the voice artists disappeared (probably because it was midnight). Danny proceeded to step up to the mic and hasn’t stepped aside since…

On a side note, Danny plays guitar, sings and dabbles in a bit of piano. He loves reading and live gigs but struggles to combine the two. He also studied Psychology and English for 3 years before back flipping into Sound Engineering – he’ll let you figure that out!

On a personal note, Danny lives down the street from the boy next door and once dated the girl next door; they are now ‘just friends’.

On an end note – Danny says, “Thanks for listening”!


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