Asha Harvey

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Asha’s reassuring confidence in the studio comes from doing voice work since she was a little kid. Now at end of her teen years with the HSC behind her, she knows her own generation intimately and is the perfect voice to straddle everything from young teens to early twenties.

She interprets scripts clearly, sight reads with precision, asks the right questions about what you want to hear and when it comes to taking direction in the studio – she always “gets” it.

Whether you need an earthy read straight from the heart, an emotional appeal for things that matter, authentic nineteen year old energy for retail, music and lifestyle, or a warm and engaging long form narration, you’ll find that Asha will deliver it….beautifully!


  1. An awesome experience working with Asha. Very professional and talented. Really enjoyed the session, great result, and looking forward to the next project.

    Sanjay Shah

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