Alistair Lee

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He can speak the language of musos, rev heads, jocks and office workers – because he’s been there and done it all.

Alistair Lee is a genuine all rounder. He has a degree in music, is a keen mechanic (regularly featured in Wheels Magazine), has represented Australia in both swimming and athletics, and worked as an IT director.

But it’s his range of voices which impresses us at RMK – he can deliver what you want – corporate, compassionate, conspiratorial, character, straight… you want an accent? “Which one?” he asks.

Al’s acute ear allows him to pick up on subtle nuances of speech and accents and bring your script to life, exactly as you imagined.

This man can rebuild a car engine with his eyes closed. Selling ice to Eskimos is easy in comparison.

And in case you are wondering, the braille message on Alistair’s promo postcard says “IT TOOK SIXTEEN SECONDS TO BRAILLE THIS CARD.  SEND ME YOUR SCRIPTS AND I’LL BRAILLE THEM TOO!”.


  1. We just did a great little corporate video through production house Filmday with Alistair doing the voiceover. Alistair sounds fantastic and is a delight to work with, he made the script sound twice as good. Highly recommended.

    Thank again.

    Andrew Azzopardi

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