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He can speak the language of musos, rev heads, jocks and office workers – because he’s been there and done it all.

Alistair Lee is a genuine all rounder. He has a degree in music, is a keen mechanic (regularly featured in Wheels Magazine), has represented Australia in both swimming and athletics, and worked as an IT director.

But it’s his range of voices which impresses us at RMK – he can deliver what you want – corporate, compassionate, conspiratorial, character, straight… you want an accent? “Which one?” he asks.

Al’s acute ear allows him to pick up on subtle nuances of speech and accents and bring your script to life, exactly as you imagined.

This man can rebuild a car engine with his eyes closed. Selling ice to Eskimos is easy in comparison.


  1. Alistair Lee does voiceovers with all dem feels!
    If you’re chasing a heightened sense of warmth, intelligence, clarity, calmness, and understated nobility that oozes luxury …
    Book Al now, and 30 minutes later you’ll have an authentic “Big Brand” vibe commercial in the bag.
    Anyone who’s had the pleasure of working with Al will concur he is a true Gentleman and simply charming to record. A legend of the industry.

    Garry Dean

  2. What a professional voice artist!
    This man knows his way around a microphone that’s for sure.
    Great sounding voice, always a pleasure to record/ direct and just an all round nice bloke.
    You will not be disappointed, hire him for your next job. Seriously. Do it.

    Thanks legend! Speak to you on the sourcey soon.

    Todd Falusi

  3. Recently I engaged Alistair to voice three podcast episodes for SBS Learn English.
    They were demanding episodes as they required a lot of acting with a range of voice qualities that went from warm to shrill, creaky, breathy, yawny and
    Alistair delivered on everything I asked, including volume, pace, pitch, rate, rhythm, pronunciation, and tone. And all that, with great enthusiasm and positive energy. After a long day of recording – ambitiously, I wanted to record all three episodes in one day
    – I was left feeling charged and grateful.
    It was a true privilege to work with Alistair, and as soon as an opportunity arises, I will engage him again.

    Josipa Kosanovic, SBS Learn English Content Producer

  4. Alistair’s vocal talents match his professionalism. Not only a voice with impressive range and depth, Alistair’s character shines through every line.

    On top of all that, Al’s a precise and savvy self-editor. He takes direction and interprets it in a way that makes the work better.

    Associate Creative Director

    Sarah Vincenzini

  5. Alistair did a wonderful job as the voice of our television adverts nationwide. His voice is powerful yet reassuring, strong yet approachable – ideal for the Hireup community. Alistair was also a pleasure to work with – reliable, fast and flexible. I can’t recommend him more highly.

    Jordan O’Reilly, CEO, Hireup

    Jordan O'Reilly

  6. When creating a series of videos based around employing people with disability, Alistair’s v/o was the perfect fit. From our first interaction through to the last, Alistair was incredibly professional, genuinely caring about the product, and went out of his way to ensure we were happy with everything he delivered for us. And happy is an understatement – we were ecstatic with the result and would have no hesitation teaming up with him again. A dream to work with.

    Dave Carter

  7. We worked with Alistair for a corporate project and were thrilled with the results. We were extremely impressed at Alistair’s efficiency with this project. He was able to achieve our desired results in minimal time and we had plenty of options to choose from. I would strongly recommend Alistair for any voice related work. Alistair was also very friendly with all the staff in the studio and agency that we had on the call.

    Samantha Moffatt

  8. Alistair is a pleasure to work with, a consummate professional with a voice like warm honey, and comes with his side-kick King. He is proof of the need for more inclusion in Australia’s voice industry.

    Matt Batten

  9. Client wanted a sexy voice, I immediately thought of Alistair Lee.
    Then I thought; how about I book Alistair to voice the sexy thing for the client!?
    Turned out for the best, sounds sexy as hell. Thanks Al (and King!!)

    Aussie Moore

  10. Alistair the Amazing! I can’t recommend Alister highly enough. He’s a very talented voice artist. He did a new brand launch campaign for us. He was so generous with his time and voice skills, till we got the perfect reads. Al is a genius, humble and a total pleasure to work with. Will definitely be working with him again!

    Roz Ruwhiu

  11. We developed a TV commercial for a client and had Alistair do the voiceover for the project. Al was a pleasure to work with – creative, patient and insightful. The quality his voice brought to the end result is fantastic and cements for us and our client the truth that using an experienced professional for voiceover work makes a huge difference. We highly recommend Al.
    Thanks, Karyn

    Karyn Taylor

  12. We recorded a promo with Alistair a few weeks ago for Lifestyle Food and he was fantastic. His timing skills were incredible and delivery perfect. Alistair is really professional and a pleasure to work with.

    Carla Carroll

  13. We just did a great little corporate video through production house Filmday with Alistair doing the voiceover. Alistair sounds fantastic and is a delight to work with, he made the script sound twice as good. Highly recommended.

    Thank again.

    Andrew Azzopardi

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