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A true vocal chameleon – from a multitude of accents to world class straight reads – constantly creative, mega versatile, brilliantly inventive and vastly experienced.

Whether it’s for his vocal talents in thousands of international commercials and promos, in films like Evil Dead and The Exorcist, in animation such as The Amazing World of Gumball and Bob the Builder, in the Harry Potter and Star Wars video games, or as a prolific audiobook narrator – Rupert is considered a colossus of the voice over world. Any voice, any accent, anywhere.

He is also an amazing impressionist and can mimic just about anybody.  If you don’t believe us just ask for a sample and we’ll have a clip sent through.

As someone once said – “The elasticity of Rupert’s vocal range is akin to that of Jim Carrey’s face!”

Check out Rupert’s work at his YouTube channel


  1. A master craftsman and always a pleasure to have in the studio – needs cloning!

    Mark Estdale - Videogame Voice Director (OMUK)

  2. He always gets the essence of every character and provides the perfect voice. His range of accents and voices is breathtaking.

    Kati Nicholl - Audiobook Producer (Orion & Harper Collins)

  3. Rupert is a master of accents, mood and timing. He always hits the sweet spot, raising any project from ‘average’ to ‘professional’.

    Carl Stickley - Promo Producer (Cartoon Network)

  4. Rupert is versatile, flexible, innovative and packed with creative energy. His intelligence and humour add depth to characters, and his love for the work makes sessions hugely enjoyable.

    Dirk Maggs - Director/Producer (BBC Radio)

  5. Rupert is an amazing talent who consistently over-delivers. He takes direction well, but more importantly, in a creative space, he brings smart opinion with the skills to match.

    Zach Rener - Advertising Creative (Greatest Common Factory USA)

  6. Rupert is one of the very best actors out there. He knows how to work his vocal chords to give you not just a new and unique voice, or a spot on impersonation, but also a great performance.

    David Freedman - Animation Voice Director (Disney)

  7. I’ve worked with the best of them – and now Rupert! What a star! While I was thinking about direction he nailed it. An amazing actor and impersonator – a unique voice that I never thought we’d find, possibly the best character actor I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

    Gaynor Moran - The Hive Creative Colony

  8. “Rupert is a rare talent. I have worked with him for over ten years, and his diversity and range is second to none. But that’s not the main reason creative directors use him. Rupert adds to every script and any creative worth their salt knows that the ability to improvise and make something better is one of the most valuable elements of creating amazing work. Rupert gets this, he understands it, and can deliver on it. He can do everything from character voices to raw emotion to narrative reads – so much so you would not ever know it’s the same person. If you’re looking for more than just a voice, Rupert is your man.”

    Matt Keon - Creative Director - Fallon London / 18 Feet & Rising

  9. “I have used Rupert for hundreds of voice-overs and have never actually met him in the flesh! That is testament to how easy he is to work with, how well he takes direction over the phone and how well he understands what we’re trying to achieve. Every time, Rupert has delivered with a top level of professionalism and humour. In short I’d recommend him to anyone – and one day I hope to meet him!”

    Guy Mansfield - Director / Producer / Owner - Kudos Films / Shoot On Stage

  10. “Rupert has to be one of the most diverse, professional and accommodating individuals I have come across. He is very collaborative, willing to go the extra mile, and embraces every challenge thrown at him. He is most certainly a master of his trade and is someone I can rely on when needing his expertise. He has a plethora of talents and skills and is also a very nice chap!”

    Dan Aldridge - Creative Director - BBC Worldwide

  11. “Rupert is a prodigy. We call him “the vocal chameleon” because there’s nobody on earth alive or dead he can’t impersonate – with flawless accuracy. Working with Rupert is always electrifying. Although ‘work’ isn’t the right word because you’re not supposed to laugh that much at work. Rupert is an artist and he paints with his voice. Just give the man a canvas, microwave some popcorn, and sit back and enjoy the show.”

    Garry Dean - Creative Director - Nova Entertainment

  12. “I work with Rupert quite a lot. Actually, I’m not always sure it’s Rupert, as so many different characters show up with him. His characters and accents are spot on, his timing is impeccable, and if I’m lost for another way to do something, he is always inventive and helpful in looking at a script from a new perspective. This probably comes from countless years of acting, and dealing with directors, creatives and clients who don’t know what they want. I can highly recommend him for his versatility, speed and professionalism. He’s also an all-round good bloke.”

    Mike Boswell - Principal and Creative Director - Boswell Group

  13. “From an African woman, to Scottish twins, Rupert has tackled every character I’ve thrown at him with aplomb. Hard or soft sell, straight, emotional, raving lunatic, or anything in between – scripts come alive with Rupert’s skill and professionalism. He brings so much more to a session than just incredible vocal talent. He works hard to understand the desired outcome and always aims high. I’ve yet to find something he can’t do, talented bugger.”

    Mitch Mitchell - Campaign Creative Director - The Studio at SCA

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