Jerra Wright-Smith

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So far in 2019, Jerra’s highlights include voicing a character in an upcoming animated feature film and performing for the Sydney Theatre Company as Sonny in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof. Cat On A Hot Tin Roof was directed by Kip Williams, STC Artistic Director with an all-star cast including Zahra Newman, Pamela Rabe and Hugo Weaving. Jerra loved every minute of his STC theatrical debut and learnt so much performing in front of more than 850 people each night.

Jerra’s love for animals knows no bounds. If he is not saving numbats, he is helping Tasmanian devils. This young entrepreneur has raised serious money for various animal conservation projects selling chook eggs using both sincerity and the hard sell! Jerra is a creative little guy who loves running, playing the trumpet, presenting speeches, acting, voiceovers and wheelbarrow races uphill.

Check out Jerra’s compilation demo, reviews and recent work.


  1. So well! Everyone was very impressed, very polite kid and took direction very well!! Can’t wait to work with him again!

    Olivia Reddy - M&C Saatchi

  2. Just heard Jerra’s voice on the Vinne’s appeal. Sends shivers down my spine. He sounds so sincere.

    Rebecca Gauld

  3. Jerra is an absolute champion – great job legend!

    Steve Dubé

  4. I’ve been writing commercial campaigns for 20 years, and I’ve never met a young voice actor with Jerra’s ability to nail the required tone and delivery so quickly and professionally.

    Great job Jerra, what a gun!

    Matt Dickson

  5. I’ve loved working with Jerra. I love his smile and the special hugs he gives.

    Pamela Rabe – Big Mama – Cat On A Hot Tin Roof June 2019

  6. Jerra – you are a gem and we absolutely loved working with you!

    Hugo Weaving – Big Daddy - Cat On A Hot Tin Roof June 2019

  7. Jerra is the gem we were looking for after going through hundreds of voices. He is a good listener and hence takes directions well, but also brings his own spin and character to scenes. We ended up with some brilliant performances that melt the heart one moment or make you laugh the next.

    Alexs Stadermann - Director of 100% Wolf , animated feature film, Flying Bark Productions

  8. Jerra combines a naturally unique voice with a professionalism and ability to take direction that belies his age. He brings an incredibly dynamic range of energy to a performance which he wields with apparent effortlessness. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jerra.

    Harrison Woodhead – Paper Moose - Director of Alphabet Street for Disney Junior Australia

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