2 for Melbourne. 1 for Sydney. RMK welcomes the newbies!

2 for Melbourne. 1 for Sydney. RMK welcomes the newbies!
The RMK Newbies: 
Maintaining RMK Melbourne’s philosophy of a small but strong force of Voice Professionals, we’ve expanded our offering in Melbourne to include 2 exciting new additions – Ross Dwyer & Adrian Jarrett. In Sydney, we just couldn’t go past this gifted, young voice actor Tessa De Josselin…
Tessa was recommended to RMK by one of our very own talented voice actors and one listen to her demo will showcase why she is being noticed by her peers.

Despite her young age, Tessa has already kicked some big career goals (IMDB page), and in the realm of voice it’s fair to say Tessa is a genius of timing and inflection. One of the tracks featured on Tessa’s demo jumped out to us as a demonstration of ‘inflection perfection’ – do yourself a favour and listen (and watch) the track in it’s entirety here… then head to Tessa’s webpage for more Tessa greatness.

Fun Facts about Tessa:
• Started surfing at 6 and has a history of competitive wins and sponsorships
• Has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do
• Recorded two albums for In Your Dreams and was the voice of the theme tune
• Guy Pearce played her dad in Holding The Man
• Did her own surfing stunts in Home And Away
• Is half French.
• Has surfed in Sri Lanka, Hawaii, Bali, France, California, New York, New Zealand, Tasmania… just to name a few

Adrian just gets it. Genuine sincerity… authentic enthusiasm. A bit of hype… or just ‘laid back’. Adrian is one of those guys with an intuitve understanding of ‘the message’ in the script and knows how to convey it… Listen here to see why this young man is already in demand

Fun Facts about Adrian:
• Is a Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and recently met Rickson Gracie (the greatest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner of all time!).
• Is an avid motorcycle enthusiast and spends his spare time riding the best motorcycle roads in Australia (on his Ducati Monster).
• Did a fight scene with Superman (Brandon Routh) in Superman Returns
• Russell Crowe told him he had a great voice (like duh)
• Has just started doing stand up comedy at open mics around Melbourne

Ross is a ‘litt’l bit-a-Brit’n’ right here in Melbourne. Ross‘ range is from sophisticated, neutral Australian to full on ‘English Geezer’.

Ross has a naturally deep voice and a warm and engaging tibre, add to that a solid acting background (on stage and screen) and you’ve got a very capable and well-rounded voice artist. Listen to Ross’ demo here.

Fun Facts about Ross:
• Has a passion for magic and plants… “not together, although I’m sure I could make a trick!”
• As well as being an Actor, he has also trained as a clown, and works for a children’s charity at the Monash Children’s Hospital ‘clowing around’.

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