Tara Lian

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Tara found her passion for voice work after attending a course at NIDA and hasn’t looked back. She has since worked behind the mic for clients including various universities, Microsoft, Optus, Telstra, Pfizer, Volkswagen and the SDA.

Tara’s background in all areas of performance has helped her to become a skilled artist who actively listens and takes direction efficiently. Tara was selected to attend the Premiere Program for acting in Florida and recently studied at The Actors Lounge.

Tara’s voice spans from pre-teen, teen to young adult and she’s able to bring serious vulnerability or bright bubbly energy to your script.

Tara is an enthusiastic young artist who absolutely loves being in the booth and is determined to bring 110% to every read.


  1. Tara is great. In her first job with us we had 5 clients in the room and 1 on video conference. She handled it beautifully. Everyone was happy. The client was especially complimentary.

    Cathy Kinsella


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