Susie Godfrey

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Susie is an actor and a graduate of the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA). Since beginning her career over 15 years ago, she has made numerous Australian stage and screen appearances, and voiced literally thousands of ads for TV, radio and cinema, as well as lending her voice to foreign films, documentaries and online content.

Her voice has a natural, warm quality yet she has exceptional versatility and range, regularly doing corporate, retail, documentary, straight and character reads. Susie is proficient in US, English, Irish and Scottish accents, and can master most other accents after a few drinks.


  1. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Susie for the past 15 years across 2 radio networks. Her unique ability to switch from one of Australia’s best radio imaging deliveries to an irreverent or warm & natural vibe is remarkable. Susie interprets the script and nails the correct emphasis and inflection in an instant. Her versatility, tone control & acting skills are of the highest standard. She’s a consummate professional & an absolute joy to work with. I highly recommend Susie for your next campaign.

    Matt Dower - Pots n Pans Productions Director (former NOVA Entertainment Group Production Director)

  2. I feel very privileged to work in this fantastic industry and to get to meet and work with so many truly wonderful voice over artists. One voice artist that continues to amaze me with her incredible talent for voice over recordings is Susie. Her manner and professionalism in the studio is amazing and she can lift the words off any page for any script with an ease that’s seriously astonishing. The art of a voice over will continue to amaze me for as long as I am in this industry and Susie has without a doubt perfected this craft. I wouldn’t put these words down if I didn’t believe thy were true. Susie is one of the best in the industry and I would highly recommend her for any project.

    Matt - Sonic Playground

  3. Susie is an unmistakably talented, world class voice artist. Her professionalism, collaborative approach and accuracy are first rate. Her work, regardless of campaign style, has become indispensable

    Steve Walter - Radio 3AW

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