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‘Shannaz’ has long been “the voiceover you book when you don’t want your script to sound like a voiceover”. His trademark natural, casual delivery has coined the phrase “The Shannaz read”, and has been the cornerstone to a vast array of campaigns, from cars to telcos, banks to station-promos.

Having studied  at WAAPA, Steve excels in Voice Acting. if you’re looking for a sense of realism or a natural comic touch, Steve will bring your scripts to life. This skill also lends itself to corporate, training and documentary narration.

Steve has made a name for himself as an audiobook narrator, having won awards both here and in the US, including a 2019 nomination for Australian Audiobook of the Year at the ABIA Awards for his narration of Jane Harper’s The Lost Man. Many of these are recorded by himself at his production studio Baxter Audio, under the careful supervision of his whippet, Baxter.

But nothing affords him more bragging rights with his children than the role of B1 in the recent ABC series of Bananas In Pyjamas. With further animation credits including the Logie-Award winning Tracey McBean, the AFI-Award winning Bottletop Bill, and the ABC hit CJ The DJ, Steve is one of the country’s most sought-after animation voices.

So there, that’s what a “Shannaz Read” is all about.  Why not book him and confirm the rumours ?


  1. I am an avid audiobook listener and as soon as I heard Steve Shanahan reading Jane Harpers The Lost Man I was hooked. He brings the audiobooks to life and is one of the best I have heard. I always know which character is which and I love the tone and inflection in his voice. I have purchased books because he is reading them and have not been disappointed yet. Well done and keep up the good work.

    Lorraine Ayres

  2. I just listened to Jane Harper’s The Dry and was so moved by the gripping narration, I felt an urge to look up the narrator. Absolute brilliance.

    Jack Lynx

  3. Bravo! Mr. Shanahan’s voice acting superbly brings Jane Harper’s brilliant book “The Dry” to life. Many, many thanks to both for creating such an achingly beautiful human landscape. It is wonderful as a listener from New York City to hear the characters’ “voices” as I would like to think the author imagined them when writing the book!

    RP Tanaka

  4. I just wanted to let you know how much I’ve absolutely loved the audio version! You’ve done such a great job with the emphasis and tone, and really managed to distinguish the characters…It was almost like discovering it for the first time. Many people both in Australia and overseas have told me how much they have enjoyed listening and discovering the book through the audio version.

    Jane Harper - Author of "The Dry"

  5. I’ve used Steve several times and have always been happy with the result. Whether it’s a radio commercial or corporate video read, his experience as a voice over artist and in the studio, makes Steve a professional pleasure to work with.”
    Steve Samuel

    Ward 6, The Little People.

  6. When you get to work with Steve, you know that you’re in the
    studio with one of the best in the Business. His ability to deliver,
    his attitude, his sense of humour and his professionalism make
    him one of Australia’s most sought after Voice Artists. Whether
    you need funny or serious, “real guy” or character, Steve is your
    man. If I think back to the best studio work I’ve done
    over the last 20 years, Steve was there.

    Brad Power - Stellar Entertainment

  7. Steve is great to work with and always leaves the clients happy.The sessions we do are usually cover a range of scripts & products, which can test a VO’s versatility. Steve always gives us the results we’re after.

    Greg Sinclair - ARN

  8. I’ve used Shannaz’ talents for a range of different jobs over the years. He has a friendly, everyman delivery, but his comic timing is also exquisite. He’ll suggest an idea in his humble way, and often it’s a good one. He has a great ear too and I value his opinion on takes. He makes my scripts better and you can’t ask for more than that.

    Mark Sharman - Copywriter

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