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Skye voices Wei the Panda in Kangaroo Beach on ABC and thinks it’s pretty funny watching Neville the wombat (big brother Jerra in real life) teaching Wei how to float.

The youngest in a family of voice-over artists and actors, Skye loves doing promos for Disney Junior and voice overs for The Smith Family, ING and Telstra, to name a few.

Skye is a versatile VO pro, if you need ADR, her timing and mimicry is impeccable. She can pull off a range of characters, laugh on cue and take direction.

She loves her pet blue tongue lizard and makes friends with animals wherever she goes. A skilled dancer, swimmer, guitarist and drummer, Skye can also run 5k really fast!

Skye’s reviews and latest work speak for themselves – check them out!


  1. The combination of siblings Skye and Jerra for the recent Jeep Grand Cherokee campaign was a delight and exactly what the client was after. They brought their bubbly energy and fun nature to the spot which they sung in seamless harmony. I hope they never grow up so we can use them again for future kid spots!

    Liam Annert - sound designer Rumble Studios

  2. Skye did a fantastic job on our animation voice over.
    Confident, asked all the right questions and was able to take directions with a difficult script. Well done Skye!

    Galvin Scott Davis, Director - Protein

  3. Skye is an absolute pro!
    Far more experienced in the booth and with direction than we ever could have possibly dreamed she would be.
    She is a joy to work with… and gosh what a voice.
    This kid is going to be a star.

    Hans Berents - Founder of Orphan

  4. Skye was absolutely brilliant to work with. We gave her a 60″ poem with a pretty specific, ‘grown-up’ brief, and within a couple of takes she nailed the words, tone, rhythm, and intonation. She took direction like a pro, was super polite, and showed real dedication to getting the job done well. Would highly recommend!

    Stefanie Duhy

  5. Skye was just amazing!

    I wasn’t personally in the session, but I heard from the Director and Creatives that she was incredibly impressive. They were quite worried about doing ADR with a child as it can be so tricky and not look right at the best of times.

    One of the Creatives said she was a perfect mimic and it was the best ADR he had ever seen.

    She is definitely a little star and the team were super happy with her performance.

    Renee Nadin - Senior Producer - Ogilvy

  6. Skye is a fantastic voice artist. She listens intently to direction and is able to adjust her delivery accordingly.
    For such a young performer she has both great enthusiasm in her voice and the ability to adjust to whatever the character demands.
    Really enjoyed working with her and would strongly recommend her.

    David Webster – Creative Director/Partner – Cheeky Little Media

  7. Skye was delight to work with and I couldn’t believe she is just 7 years old!

    Andrew Stevenson, Managing Director – We Love Jam

  8. Skye was so professional and grown up for her age! Such a treat to work with her.

    Alyce Guy - Song Zu

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