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Sibylla is a highly accomplished actor with vast experience in TV, Film and Theatre. Sibylla has been nominated for an AFI for her performance in the feature film The Bet and was also nominated for a Logie for her role in The Secret Life of Us. It is this experience and talent that makes Sibylla such a strong force in voiceovers and voice acting.

Sibylla’s signature style is a natural, voice acting delivery which is particularly powerful in conveying credibility, however Sibylla is a well rounded artist who’s adaptable to most areas of the voice business including commercial / straight, corporate / narration and animation.


  1. It is always an absolute pleasure to work with Sibylla at Sonic Playground. Her presence in the studio is calming and she brings any script to life. My clients always say how amazing she is behind the microphone.

    Matthew Gerber-Corn

  2. We’ve worked with Sibylla on a range of projects from TV, radio and video VOs to our entire IVR phone system. She perfectly captures our brand’s down-to-earth, helpful and refreshing tone of voice in everything she delivers and has become a key part of our brand expression. Her warmth and sincerity comes across in all of her voice work, even when the content is sometimes quite ‘dry’. Sibylla’s credentials as a talented and seasoned actor are also highly evident in her ability to take direction, even when very subtle ones, and deliver on them instantly, and she rarely needs more than a few reads to produce a perfect take. Plus, she is an absolute delight to be around, and we always look forward to seeing her in the studio. Having worked with many VO artists, Sibylla is a rare breed and we simply cannot recommend her enough!

    Jude Leon - Integrated Campaign Lead Marketing - Origin

  3. We have worked with Sibylla for almost 10 years. In addition to Sib’s awesome ability to take direction, her naturally warm personality shines through in all her voice overs and wins over even the toughest clients.

    Les Molnar - Production Alley

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