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Shelley’s no stranger to the recording studio.

As a Voice Actor and Producer, she’s spent almost half of her life behind soundproof glass.

Which means that whether you need a straight-laced, pencil-skirted corporate-read for a big-brand pharmaceutical; a super-excited, girl-next-door delivery for a high-flying fashion brand; an authentic bit of ‘coastie chick’ or an intimate, conversational tone perfect for the podcast environment… Shelley’s at home in any role.

So if your next campaign needs a bit more life, then get the girl who’s spent most of hers behind the mic.


  1. I have worked with Shelley in Radio and TV for many years. She can do it all. Great voice, professional attitude, she’s fun to work with and the job always sparkles.

    Dan King | Sound Designer Foxtel

    Dan King

  2. When you listen to Shelley most people wear sunglasses. She positively radiates sunshine in her delivery and any protective clothing is always recommended. Shelley’s craft not only lies in her voice, but her attitude long before the recording button is pushed , meaning, she a personable, friendly and approachable voice talent who makes every project a shared pleasure between writer, client and producer.

    Geoffrey Esdaile Creative Writer SCA

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