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Sharon Hunter is a freelance presenter and voice over artist based in Sydney.

With over 20 years in the radio and television biz; Sharon’s voice has delivered the virtues of everything from hair conditioner to car insurance, tropical holidays to homewares.  She’s been the voice of mum, the voice of reason, two friends talking over coffee (she played both women!), corporate boss, sexy wife, nagging wife, beauty therapist, financial specialist, cabaret singer (yes she can sing too!) and Hollywood glamour girl.

As a reporter for Sydney Weekender (Ch 7 Sydney) and Coxies Big Break (Ch 7 Melbourne) Sharon has taken you on inspiring tours exploring some of our country’s hidden gems, she’s flown with you as presenter for Qantas Inflight Entertainment, she’s entertained your children as host for Cartoon Connection and fronted Australia’s first internet travel show for Fairfax Media.

Whether it’s a corporate presentation in the studio or hanging upside down in an aeroplane, without a script or with autocue, Sharon Hunter will deliver the goods every time – she’s a natural.

If you’re on the hunt for a versatile, experienced presenter and voice artist who’s a dream to work with … book Sharon Hunter.


  1. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sharon many times for clients such as Qantas and the NSW Government. Professionalism and a solid work ethic will get you far, but talent paired with experience will shine through and deliver superior results… with Sharon, you get them all.

    Matthew Reilly

  2. Can’t recommend Sharon enough. We’ve worked with her across dozens of projects now and she always delivers fantastic and natural reads with great attention to detail.

    Miles Hellyer

  3. This is the first review for Sharon Hunter …
    because clearly nobody has ever had anything bad to say about her!
    And neither do I.
    Sharon nailed our recordings today.
    You want warm, natural, genuine Mum vibes … BAM!
    Take 1 is perfect for time and tone.
    You want a more sophisticated fancy pants read … BAM!
    Flawless victory, straight outa the gate.
    Sharon intuitively ‘gets it’.
    You can call her Shazza or Shazzamatazz … just call her. She’s great.

    Garry Dean

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