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Rhys has an incredibly extensive and wide range of experience as a voice over artist. He has provided the voice for countless campaigns. He has worked with most radio stations, both as a regular host and as a regular guest. He has been the reader of many audio books, including many of Nick Earls’ novels and short stories, and as the voice of John Eales’ autobiography, which was notable for the many and varied accents required (NZ, Sth African, Welsh, British, Irish, Scottish etc). He has voiced many documentaries, radio plays and poetry readings. Yes, he has a busy voice! His range of voices, and tones of voice (including accents and comic voices) is truly extensive. And, it should be added, he loves his work.

Rhys has worked in film, theatre and television for over 20 years in a wide range of roles. He is also a regular columnist for various newspapers and magazines, and is a regular public speaker at various artistic, sporting and corporate events. He is, self admittedly, always hungry for work.


  1. We had a complex script for health professionals that Rhys handled with complete professionalism. Rhys gave the project an injection of character and nuance which brings the project to life. A pleasure to work with.

    jo wellington


  2. I have directed Rhys in many television shows as well as my debut feature film The Sapphires.
    Rhys has also worked for me as a specialist voice over artist for which he excelled.
    Rhys is a very talented artist, he is superbly talented across all fields and will go to many lengths to achieve greatness.

    Wayne Blair

  3. Working with Rhys Muldoon on the audiobook “The Wisdom Tree” was an absolute pleasure. I found him to be very professional, and well-prepared. He is a highly-skilled and versatile narrator, with great characterisation skills, and needed absolutely minimal direction when it came to phrasing / pronunciation issues. I am happy to recommend him highly, as both a narrator and an actor.

    Chris Chapple - Risk Sound

  4. Having worked with Rhys for over 10 years I’ve utilised his vocal range – from the deep and raspy God like authority, to the soft supple natural tones that really represent the Australian psyche. Then, if you’re brave, there are his character voices, favourite of which is Bruce the South African expatriate. Rhys is the voice you feel like you know, or want to know – enough said.

    Behren Schulz - Eponine

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