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Paul’s dynamic deliveries are heard everywhere, from football stadiums, to shopping centres and of course, on television and radio. His popularity as a performer attests to his expertise and versatility. PJ was recently told by a studio engineer of two agency producer/creatives who had expressed their happiness in discovering this great “new” voice? Quite a compliment for a veteran of twenty years, PJ’s hallmarks? A broad versatility in straight reads, corporate reads with a difference, characters, a relaxed but professional attitude, and the latest on the Sydney Swans and the A.F.L. in general.

Jesus Christ Superstar: Sydney/Melbourne (1971-72)
Rocky Horror Show Original Sydney Production (1973-74)
Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat Original Sydney Production (1975)
Ned Kelly Reg Livermore’s Rock Musical (1975)
Hero Rock Opera for Aust. Opera (1976)
Rocky Horror Show New Zealand touring company (1978)
A Cheery Soul Sydney Theatre Company (1979)
Boys Own Macbeth Original Sydney/Melbourne/Los Angeles production (1981-82)

Various 100% commercials
Lead role for Channel 7 pilot “Bastards Next Door” (Wintergreen Productions)

Mad Max Dir: George Miller (1976)
Role of Cundalini

Vocalist/drummer and percussionist Many bands including: The Models, Jeff St John, Straw Dogs, The Dexters

Can he sing! Paul has extensive experience as a session vocalist. His vocal chords are much in demand.

Vairous clients include:
Smiths Crisps (Right Said Fred “I’m Too Sexy”)
BBC Hardware (Oz Block)
Kelloggs (Ian Drury)
Eyedrops (Johnny Ray)
Wishbone Chicken (Hillbilly)
KFC (Rapper)
McDonalds (Calypso)
UDL (Big Bopper)
Tetley (Posh English)
Streets (Oldtime crooner)

Has occasionally been know to sing in his own voice!


  1. Having spent much of the last 30 years in the sausage factory of radio & television production, PJ is one of those very rare talents who’s versatility & collaboration has rescued many a difficult session, making him the right man for EVERY job.
    Peej has been my “go-to” man for over a decade now, and his dulcet tones are perfect for the hard sell retail spots, the cool music, concert & movie commercials, or the straighty 180 corporate reads – he nails the lot.
    Do yourself a favour – PJ is a saviour !

    Wayne Rowley

  2. PJ possesses one of those unique voices that can sell anything from prestige cars to pimple cream. ARN is home to three radio stations of vastly differing styles, and PJ sits comfortably across all three of them. He takes direction well – and, most importantly – makes a great coffee.

    Greg Sinclair

  3. I’ve worked with Paul for close on thirty years and he is has never changed.
    He always gives the read you’d expect from a professional voice over,and I’ve never been disappointed.
    His reads are distinct,his ability to deliver is always spot on,and he’s a funny guy to have in the studio to brighten a dull day.
    I couldn’t recommend Paul for a job more highly enough.

    Robert Northrop - Sky Sports Radio

  4. Paul Johnstone is reliable and very versatile. It’s always great and very easy working with him. He’s able to add a sprinkling of humour to a script or great big lashings of it. Whatever the intent – he just gets it every time.

    Carly Nicolaides

  5. Paul Johnstone? Mr Versatile. Characters, straight reads, narration, accents, recycled jokes…Paul’s got you covered. I’ve used him on occasions where a distinctive read or character was required and have also grabbed him on numerous “Frantic Friday” sessions where a pile of scripts needed a fast turnaround. A dead-set pro.

    Michael Caloudis (NOVA / SmoothFM Sydney)

  6. Sometimes, someone has a magic voice, but isn’t fun to work with. Sometimes they’re lovely, but hard work in the studio. PJ is one of those lovely rarities who has it all – a warm voice and a warm personality. PJ has such a fabulous rich tone, masculine and relatable, while being articulate and authentic. He can sound like the passionate footy fan (even more so on a Swans spot) to a loving dad or doting husband, to the best mate you’ve had since high school. PJ always has a smile and he’s generous with his time and talent – which shows in the editing when we’re left with not only oodles of deliveries and options to work with, but also in the peace and positivity that lingers after he leaves. Book PJ, but don’t wear him out – leave some for us.

    Emily Rice

  7. Paul ‘P.J.’ Johnstone is one helluva talented dude.
    Forget his singing, drumming, acting…his VO work
    is up there with the best. A veteran in the field, P.J. always
    delivers in the studio. Clients love his rich and versatile sound,
    Engineers love the technique and studio “savvy” that he brings
    to a session, and Agency creatives love his “can do” attitude,
    making sure he has nailed the brief, every time. Im not sure
    there would be too many industry peeps who haven’t worked
    him, but those left should!
    (He is a bit obsessed with the Sydney Swans and can go
    on and on, but thats OK. we love P.J.)

    Brad Power

  8. I have had the pleasure of working with PJ on a regular basis since around the turn of the century… wait, way longer! Since about 1992. With my hand on my heart, I can honestly say, in all these years, I have never once left an audio session feeling disappointed or under whelmed with PJ’s performance. PJ is the consummate professional – someone who will never allow close enough to be good enough. He just gets it. Throughout 26 years as a producer, he has been my “go to” voice. Versatile, reliable, a pleasure to work with and, very simply, bloody good at what he does. I wish every experience in life was as satisfying.

    Tim Cubbage

  9. After several hundred sessions together, I can say with some authority that PJ is the consummate professional. A great sound, great attitude, and a massive talent. He delivers how I hear it before I even tell him. More importantly though, he understands nuance in context of the message. So if you need a twist, PJ gives you plenty of options – every one of them a magic take.

    Rod Tamlyn

  10. There once was a man named P.J. But my limericks really suck.
    However, he was a bloody good voice! And he could string two words together, too! Not a bad effort for a drummer. 🙂
    In all seriousness, I’ve worked with Peej on and off for close on 20 years, and in all of those dealings, he has always been most professional, good for a laugh, and capable of taking a script in whichever direction it needed to go. I recommend him highly.

    Bruce Williams

  11. I’ve been working with PJ for over 20 years and rate him as one of the best voice over artists in the country. Straight, character, even sound effects! He can do the lot, while easily understanding and taking direction to deliver exactly what client and agency wants every time with ease and always great humour – making it a pleasure working with him. Wonder no more, book him !

    Guy Mansfield

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