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Paul has been a performer for his entire professional life. His first professional job, at just 18 years of age, was in the original Australian production of Jesus Christ Superstar, a gig which opened doors that are swinging still.  After two years in Jesus Christ Superstar more musical theatre followed in rapid succession.  To name a few;

– ‘The Rocky Horror Show’ – original Australian production, playing – at various times – Riff Raff, Narrator, and the dual role of Eddie/Dr Scott

– ‘Joseph And His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat’ – original Australian production

– ‘Ned Kelly’ – Reg Livermore’s rock musical

– ‘A Cheery Soul’, the inaugural production of the newly-formed Sydney Theatre Company

During these years, the demands of singing a two-hour show, eight shows per week honed PJ’s vocal chops, and led to engagements as a studio session singer. When occasional requests to drop a voice-over tag onto the jingle led to voice-overs became more frequent, what had begun as a side-line to his ‘real job’ in musical theatre, or behind the drums with bands, gradually became PJ’s main game.  Throughout his career PJ has also served as drummer/vocalist with many bands, including 70’s legends Jeff St John, and Ross Ryan, touring Australia playing percussion with 80’s legends Models.

PJ has appeared in dozens of TV commercial 100% roles and several feature films. But by far his best-known screen acting role was the outlaw biker Cundalini in George Miller’s original MAD MAX (1979), a role that has echoed down through the decades as MAD MAX became a cult classic and opened doors to appearances at fans events in Australia and Japan, where fans still ask “Did Cundalini get his hand back…?”

But it’s Paul’s voice that turned out to be his Golden Ticket. A veteran of over 40 years as a voice-over, PJ has voiced literally thousands of sessions. From years as the on-air promos voice of ABC-TV and Channel Seven, to the voice of the Yogo Gorilla and classic beer commercials. From narration presentations to vocal imitations, PJ’s versatility, ability to understand direction, creative contribution, and respected professionalism has seen him amass one of the widest-ranging CV’s in the business.


  1. Paul Johnstone is reliable and very versatile. It’s always great and very easy working with him. He’s able to add a sprinkling of humour to a script or great big lashings of it. Whatever the intent – he just gets it every time.

    Carly Nicolaides

  2. Paul Johnstone? Mr Versatile. Characters, straight reads, narration, accents, recycled jokes…Paul’s got you covered. I’ve used him on occasions where a distinctive read or character was required and have also grabbed him on numerous “Frantic Friday” sessions where a pile of scripts needed a fast turnaround. A dead-set pro.

    Michael Caloudis (NOVA / SmoothFM Sydney)

  3. Paul ‘P.J.’ Johnstone is one helluva talented dude.
    Forget his singing, drumming, acting…his VO work
    is up there with the best. A veteran in the field, P.J. always
    delivers in the studio. Clients love his rich and versatile sound,
    Engineers love the technique and studio “savvy” that he brings
    to a session, and Agency creatives love his “can do” attitude,
    making sure he has nailed the brief, every time. Im not sure
    there would be too many industry peeps who haven’t worked
    him, but those left should!
    (He is a bit obsessed with the Sydney Swans and can go
    on and on, but thats OK. we love P.J.)

    Brad Power

  4. I’ve been working with PJ for over 20 years and rate him as one of the best voice over artists in the country. Straight, character, even sound effects! He can do the lot, while easily understanding and taking direction to deliver exactly what client and agency wants every time with ease and always great humour – making it a pleasure working with him. Wonder no more, book him !

    Guy Mansfield

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