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Nikos has been a professional voice-over artist since he was 8 years old (after being headhunted by RMK supremo John Downs while showing off in public somewhere). He’s loved it ever since.

Known industry-wide for being super easy to work with, Nikos brings a razor-sharp ear for nuance, a sixth sense for responding perfectly to direction, infectious energy and a sense of humour to every job.

Nikos’s clear voice can jump effortlessly from “natural and pulled back” to “totally wired” and everything in between. He’s also a regular client choice for voice acting, character and accent jobs, committing 100% to the role every time, sometimes at risk of personal injury.

As a busy screenwriter and director himself, Nikos understands life on the other side of the booth, which comes in handy too.


  1. Nikos was a pleasure to work with on one of his recent short films shot on location in Greece. Although on this short we had a small crew, Nikos did all the heavy lifting. I would describe him as a one man production crew or power-house. He not only wrote his film, he directed it, acted in the main role and even organised accommodation, catering, everything. I thought I was experienced at my work but after seeing Nikos work with Sean the DP, I was humbled and learnt a lot. Hope to work with him again in future. Lovely person too always keeping things positive.

    Vasili Pasioudis

  2. The first time I worked with Nikos he was an eager to please, shiny faced 8 year old. Back then he brought an indefatigable enthusiasm & energy to every job. 25 years later, nothing much has changed. Nikos can still read anything we give him & he can read it fast. The only difference is he no longer has the shiny face. Which is good.

    Greg - Take 2

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