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Michael, Mikey, Mike, or even Sidey (short for Sideshow). He is up there with one of the most experienced voices in Australia. Since joining RMK in 2001, he has developed an amazing range, understands how to take direction and can provide any style needed. Whether it’s the laidback chilled dude, an edgy darker tone, a quick retail read, a whacky character or an emotive natural sound. He also has 25+ years’ experience in TV and radio promos covering pretty much every genre of programming. With experience also comes the ability to comfortably handle longer form narrations for corporate and online presentations. Sidey is a real professional. No fuss, nothing is a problem and his versatility which makes any job a breeze.


  1. When we first worked with Michael it was because we need a good voice for comedy promos. We soon realised he is great across everything. Drama, Lifestyle, Documentary and of course Comedy. It is always fun to work with Michael, and we are glad to be a long time supporter of his work.

    Graham Donald


  2. Sidey a.k.a Michael Andersen possesses vocal super powers. A unique voice that has been honed from decades of hard won battles in the booth. One of the most relaxed and easy going voice artists in the biz, it’s always a pleasure to have him in the studio. Highly recommended if you want something special.

    Mark Brandis


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