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He’s a casual twenty something eating fried chicken on the grass looking over Bondi beach. He’s a proud dad, a home loan customer, the voice of TV drama.

The same day he’s an omnipresent force bringing a new level of fascination to the thunderous journeys of mega trains.

He’s describing a world of possibility to a room full of investment bankers. He ages ten years, twenty years, at the drop of a hat. Matt Thomas is smooth, silly, intelligent, apathetic, laconic and polished all at the same time; depending on the hat he’s wearing and the weather of the day.

You’ll seldom find a voice with more breadth than Matt Thomas. He’s an empathic and insightful interpreter of scripts harnessed with the skills of speed reading, accents, and a broad range of tones, timbres and even personalities. Never the same guy twice, but always bringing his A game.

Matt is RMK’s great persuader. Let him tell your story.


  1. I’ve been very fortunate to work with Matt on many a project and he never fails to impress me, the creatives and most importantly our clients.

    Besides having one of the smoothest voices in the biz he is also a great collaborator to have in the booth to make a session run seamlessly and deliver the narrative our clients love.

    Anthony Tiernan

  2. I Have worked with Matt for many years and have always found him to be very professional, cheerful and easily director able . He is always welcome at the studio.

    Barry Stewart, Sound Reservoir

  3. Matt is a seriously great guy with a seriously smooth voice who delivers a great read every time. Get him in the studio, pronto.

    Andrew Bettridge

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