Markus Hamilton

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Markus Hamilton is Australian. Sure he was born in America and has an American accent but has been in Australia for nearly six years, married an Aussie and even tried vegemite…once.  Markus continues to surprise and change perceptions with his innovative choices, flare and on–the-spot creativity.  Barry White…tick.  Chocolate smooth…easy.  Sexy…yep.  Well, at least the reads are but Markus is a whole lot more.  Have a listen to the subtle choices he makes voicing Walt Whitman or the award winning voice of Stuart T Marauder.   A Pimp and his bodyguard…yes.  A New York Street Hustler…absolutely.  A jazz Legend…no sweat.  This is standard work for Markus but listen to the sincerity when he voiced for Standard Charter Bank.  With Markus, there is a difference, find out why.

Markus was voted Best Voice-Over at the Los Angeles Movie Awards and nominated for Best Performance at the Maverick Film Awards after portraying lead Stuart T Marauder in Miscast.  The 48hour Film Festival voted Markus Hamilton Best Actor for the lead in Going Home, which won Best Film Directed by Semih Ozkoseoglu. Markus’ film roles also include Laundry Warrior opposite Geoffrey Rush and Dong-Gun Jang playing the stuttering giant Baptiste and Knowing starring Nicholas Cage.

The client was so happy with Markus.  He is a professional.
-Emily Rice, Heard

Hamilton is delicious
-Ben Casben, Australian Stage

-Linda Daniele, Word Press

Excellent job once again
-Todd Fulusi, Sound Reservoir


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