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Maisy is the voice of Alice Miranda, in the animated feature Alice Miranda Friends Forever which aired in cinemas November 2019.

Maisy loves being a professional actor and voice over and enjoys acting classes at school and on the weekend. Maisy excels at debating and public speaking and can pronounce those big words many of us get stuck on! She’s a state level track and cross-country runner, plays the flute beautifully and loves to read.

Maisy has great instincts, she’s your go to girl for TV, radio, promos, animation and those long corporate scripts are fine too. Most importantly – Maisy can take direction!

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  1. Maisy Wright-Smith was cast as Alice-Miranda Highton-Smith-Kennington-Jones, a tough role which required heart, intelligence, curiosity, kindness and stamina. Maisy was able to take direction, and offer insightful and spontaneous choices in the line reads and came to each session with a positive and open attitude ready to be challenged and learn. It was important to have a very likeable, authentic and bright character for Alice Miranda and Maisy was able to do that, and add delight as well.

    Jo Boag - Director - Alice Miranda telemovie produced by SLR productions

  2. The creatives loved them and were particularly impressed with Maisy.
    She seemed a bit shy when she came into the room but when she got into the booth she was confident, articulate and nailed all the lines!
    They both had to tackle some big words and complicated sentences but were both very professional and took directions very well.

    Beatrice Osborne

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