Magnus Andersen

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Magnus, or ‘Mags’ for short is the ultimate moody teenager, but with a cheeky spirit.

Always professional, Mags take direction well and knows how to interpret a script.

If you need tips on how to win FIFA or NBA 2K22, he’s your man.

And when he’s not spending endless hours on the PS5 you can often find him behind a mic.

If you want an easy recording session with no fuss, get Mags into the studio today!


  1. Amazing work Magnus, I especially love the bluey work as it helped my kid listen to his teachers when he was skeptical. Also the way you delivered those serious lines can make anyone cry. Very well done Hanldlos love to see more of your work!
    Warm Regards,
    Ashton Quinn Truong

    Ashton Truong, Oliver Duggan, Christian Desilias

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