Lola Bennett

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Lola comes from excellent creative stock. Acting, voice over and singing have been a profession in her family for generations.

Lola is a well-rounded personality, emotionally aware and able to develop characterizations that are real, thoughtful, funny and insightful. She has an uncanny ability to interpret and learn script quickly whilst sharp listening skills ensure that she effectively responds to direction. Her voice ranges from smooth to sweet to cool. Lola is endearing, sensitive, adaptable and professional; she has lovely articulation, is a fantastic mimic and excels at reading. Acting since the age of 5, Lola is in the performing arts class at school and is a member of the local theatre company where she is honing her skills and performance in a professional atmosphere.

 “Lola is such a lovely, intelligent, hardworking girl – as well as funny and brave. I can’t believe this was her first time acting on a film set – a true professional, very natural, very authentic, and amazing at listening to direction and incorporating it into her performance.”  Vanessa Gazy-Writer/Director of “Foal”.

 “Original, smart and funny”. – Alice Englert – Actor/Director


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