Liza Altarejos

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As a child Liza’s favourite past time was doing her Elvis Presley impersonations in front of her family and friends. As she grew up, she wondered how she could use this talent without having to be an actual Elvis Presley impersonator – “‘cos obviously that wouldn’t work!” Then, during her time in radio, she discovered the voice-over industry…

Since this fateful discovery Liza has recorded stacks of ads – not just a ‘Generation Y’ voiceover ambassador, Liza is equally at home in the more mature areas of retail, promos and corporate. Liza’s voice range includes everything from the ‘girl next door’ to ‘American Valley girl’, ‘school kid’ to ‘sexy siren’. Her natural sound is fresh, hip, happening and a little husky.

In addition to voiceovers and voice acting, Liza is an accomplished radio producer and has also appeared in ‘The Secret Life of Us’ and ‘John Saffran’s Musical Jamboree’.


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