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As a child Liza’s favourite past time was doing her Elvis Presley impersonations in front of her family and friends. As she grew up, she wondered how she could use this talent without having to be an actual Elvis Presley impersonator – “‘cos obviously that wouldn’t work!” Then, during her time in radio, she discovered the voice-over industry…

Since this fateful discovery Liza has recorded stacks of ads – not just a ‘Generation Y’ voiceover ambassador, Liza is equally at home in the more mature areas of retail, promos and corporate. Liza’s voice range includes everything from the ‘girl next door’ to ‘American Valley girl’, ‘school kid’ to ‘sexy siren’. Her natural sound is fresh, hip, happening and a little husky.

In addition to voiceovers and voice acting, Liza is an accomplished radio producer and has also appeared in The Secret Life of Us and John Saffran’s Musical Jamboree.


  1. Stop reading this and get Liza in the booth. You can tell by her demo that Liza has a range that’s perfect for younger audiences, older demographics and anyone in between. She can deliver reads that can promote the latest trends in an overwritten spot through to messages alerting drivers of toll road fee increases. I never hesitate booking Liza and neither should you.

    Iain Duguid – Creative Writer at Image Online Group

  2. From edgy millennial cool, to natural and relatable, to retail urgency, Liza always delivers a great performance and makes every script that little bit better.

    Pete Laurie - Campaign Creative Writer, SCA Melbourne

  3. ALWAYS a pleasure having Liza in the recording booth, not only is she a bundle of endless happy whenever we see her, but she shines behind the mic too, adaptable and able to sound just right for so many different brands. I actually get excited when I see her name booked in for a session and she’s always one of my top recommends when a client is looking for a fresh sound or someone with a bit of edge.

    Benjamin Wasley - Creative Writer

  4. Liza is a consummate professional. She always brings her bright and positive attitude to every session and leaves with the job done right. Looking forward to next time, Lize!

    Matthew Argoon - Commercial Producer, Nova Entertainment

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