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Lisa Bailey is one of Australia’s highly-regarded voiceover talents.

A seasoned professional, she delivers time and again, honing her voice to suit your brief.

Lisa’s natural tone is engaging and authentic, bringing life to scripts that seek to educate, inform and entertain.

NIDA training and a ready repertoire of accents combine to ensure she remains highly sought-after for character voice acting.

Her acting CV includes professional theatre and feature films such as The Square and Little Fish, TV roles in Stingers, Water Rats, Thank God You’re Here, The Secret Life of Us, and the web series Avalon Now.

A long loyal list of clientele, years of experience and a mastery of the cold read all mean you can book Lisa with confidence.

Check out her You Tube demo playlist here!


  1. Lisa, you’ve always been a pleasure to work with. It’s been an absolute honour, truely you are the greatest voice talent in the country, bar none. You’ve always made me sound brilliant! Thank you. ‘Have a great read’.

    Glenn Humphries

  2. I have had the pleasure of working with Lisa for many years.
    Her voice is amazing, so versatile in so many ways.
    My clients certainly appreciate her time and effort and having her
    represent their brands.

    Looking forward to our next session, but in the meantime Lisa as
    Glenn would say “Have a great read”.

    Narelle Goss - Gossip! Adv & Mkt

  3. It’s always comforting knowing Lisa is the talent for a job. Whatever the script, whatever the subject matter, I can be certain Lisa will nail it.

    A pleasure to work with and a true professional. Lisa makes my job easy.

    Beau Silvester

  4. I love Lisa. Lisa is my most recommended female voice artists – she’s got an extremely versatile voice, she’s able to understand and deliver even the most complex of scripts, (and trust me some of the scripts she’s had thrown at her have been extremely dense.) AND to top it off she’s a lovely person to boot. Overall a delight to work with I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

    Emily Bull

  5. I love working with Lisa, she makes the creatives and clients feel completely at ease when they listen to her bring their vision to life.

    Lisa is an absolute professional and a joy to work with.

    Anthony Tiernan

  6. Lisa has the innate ability to interpret a script and deliver the perfect read – every time. At ARN, a single session can contain a variety of scripts – anything from pimple cream, to an upmarket jewellery store. Lisa gives us the right read every time – and sounds believable. She’s a true professional and a pleasure to work with.

    Gregg Sinclair

  7. I’ve worked with Lisa since the early naughties, and she has always brought her “A game” to EVERY session. Some voice talent can be hot one day, and ‘not’ the next. Lisa never falls into that category.
    And as Peter McCorquodale said, she understands what the words in front of her actually mean, without you having to explain it. That is a rare and valuable talent.

    Bruce Williams

  8. Wow how fantastic!!!

    Lisa was amazing, I composed what I thought to be a a difficult script and Lisa weaved her magic and on the first attempt delivered a superb result which we ended using. Her professionalism was second to none, polite, friendly, energetic and professional she was dream to work with. I was in amazed at the ease in which Lisa delivered a fantastic job and her attitude was exemplary. I without hesitation recommend Lisa to anyone looking for her services. So much so I invite you to contact me to discuss how fabulous she was. Thanks again Lisa.

    Matt Graham

  9. I love working with Lisa Bailey. She has a terrific voice with a huge range of accents & styles…..but you can hear that by listening to her demos.

    What you can’t hear is that she can make sense out of the most complicated & arcane subjects as though she holds a PHD in each of them.

    First take without a pre-read!

    Greg Crittenden - Producer/ Engineer

  10. One of the things that seems to be missed by a lot of voices today is comprehension. For me it is not just about how the voice sounds, but rather it’s about the words and what they mean. I often have to explain what is going on in a script, and sometimes go through it line by line.
    Lisa, on the other hand, has a fantastic ability to immediately “get” any script and give it the meaning it needs. As a result her reads always sound convincing and real. It is always a pleasure to have her in the studio!

    Peter McCorquodale

  11. Lisa has an unnatural ability to deliver single takes which are always on point. Our audio-tech was left twiddling his thumbs.

    Ben Tan - Ascender

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