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Lieschen is an accomplished international actress, director, producer, writer, voice artist and self-driven entrepreneur. Graduating from Actors Centre Australia along with well-loved fellow alumni Hugh Jackman and Colin Farrell she’s worked alongside actress heavyweights including Isla Fisher and Emma Booth in some of Australia’s highest viewing shows including UNDERBELLY (III), PACKED TO THE RAFTERS, HOME AND AWAY and the hit TV series TOUGH NUTS.

Her skills transcend TV and is just at home working on the stage with roles including Adriana in Comedy of Errors on the main stage at the Australian Shakespeare Festival was notably exceptional. Splitting her time between Los Angeles and Australia, she played the lead role in the US feature THE X SPECIES and also starred in the TV comedy series THIS OLD THING (which won a developmental award with Comedy Central at NYTVF).

Additionally, she completed a scholarship to the Lesley Kahn Institute, studied at the highest level at the Ivanna Chubbuck studio and then found her mentor with Diana Castle at the Imagined Life studios. You’ll currently see Lieschen appearing in national commercials as well as behind the camera producing a motion capture television series, two podcasts and other creative projects due for release later this year.


  1. Lieschen is an absolute pleasure to work with. She’s always completely professional, quick on her feet, and my clients love her. She brings emotion, enthusiasm and personality to even the fastest, most retail radio spots, and she does it with a smile. In short, she makes me look good every time. I wholeheartedly recommend Lieschen for pretty much every voice acting job I can think of. Hire her before somebody else does.

    Daniel Barrett

  2. An absolute delight to work with!
    Lieschen hits the mark every single time. Easy to direct and pleasure to mix.
    Give her the time and space in a script and you’ll really see her acting chops shine!

    Thom Wood – Creative at THE SCA STUDIO

  3. Lieschen is ALWAYS a delight to work with!

    She has quickly become my ‘go to’ VO artist as she never fails to hit the brief and gives each read her all – there’s never a need to recast or use the submissions!

    Her bubbly and friendly persona goes a long way with the clients aswell 🙂

    Bella Harris, George Patts

  4. As an audio engineer I have worked with Lieschen on several jobs, from a performance point of view her delivery is amazingly smooth, consistent and fast, and from a technical point very little eq and compression needed, her voice naturally cuts through.

    Ash Maklad

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