Liam Robertson

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Well they say “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” and it’s certainly true in Liam’s case. With both parents in the industry, he’s spent most of his life around recording studios and has a great ear for music, rhythm and voiceovers. According to mum, he’s always been a parrot and mimics accents and plays out character roles constantly!

Liam has a cheeky smile and a great disposition and is a high achiever at school – though he does like to be the class clown! He’s a keen rugby player, has many karate medals to his credit and is obsessed with his dogs & cats – in fact his favourite acting role is to dress up as the Vet and do home consultations with one of his seven pets, fully equipped with stethoscope and thermometer!

His vivid imagination is fuelled by his love of books and reading, and the combination of his boundless imagination and his terrific musical and performance talent suggest he’s destined for a career in showbiz – Vet Science will just have to remain a hobby!


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