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Lani is a sound guy. He’s passionate about all things audio and especially the creative process that develops the perfect sound mix. As Lani says “You can have a great picture with terrible sound and it simply won’t work, but you can have a terrible picture with great sound…and hey presto, it works!”

The power and sound of the spoken word is his joy. A microphone is all he needs to transform a script into your creative vision, be it a Corporate, Documentary, Television / Radio Campaign, Promos or Retail read.

Lani’s got a great natural depth to his voice, which combined with his neutral accent makes him a favourite amongst advertising agencies when they’re looking for a stand out vocal delivery on a premium brand.

Many advertising agencies, studios, television and radio stations have won awards using Lani’s voice, with deliveries from blockbuster movie trailer style to calm and emotive soft reads to natural narratives… Lani delivers what is required.

Perhaps the standout attribute in Lani’s voiceover deliveries is his acting ability. Lani is the consummate ‘Voice Actor’ with over 30 years’ experience in Stage and Screen both in front and behind the camera. He has appeared in countless productions on the big and small screen (you can view his IMDB page here: ) and he has created Screen Acting programmes for NIDA, the Actors Centre, New Zealand Drama School Toi Whakaari, the Actors College for Theatre and Television and has run his own Screen Acting business at Fox Studios Australia.

If you’re after a voice actor with a great voice and range who understands the nuances required for different reads and emotions, Lani is your guy.

Watch “Recipe For Murder – 13th Street (Best Original Promo – NBC Global Excellence 2016 & Gold Promax Special Event winner)” on Vimeo:


  1. Great narrator. Excellent voice and ability to take on characters personalities.
    His sense of drama is brilliant.
    BUT………please learn the difference between wandering and wondering.
    And bought and brought.
    This was such a shock in otherwise beautifully narrated books.

    Jan Henderson

  2. It’s a singular talent to have a compelling voice, to have the skill to manipulate what nature gives into something people want to listen to for hours at a time. It’s something more profound again to have multiple voices, multiple streams of fictional consciousness, to read a story and give a distinct life to everyone in it. Lani Tupu stunned Farscape fans by breathing life into two characters as starkly different at Captain Crais and Pilot. But in my novels, he has to deal with dozens of characters in wildly varying situations, each more complex than the last. How do you know what a fictional character on a printed page sounds like? You can’t just guess. The only way what Lani has done works as well as it does is that he’s studied each character in infinite detail – their motivation, their history, their place in the grand scheme. It’s tempting to call it ‘artistic genius’ but I think that strips away how devoted Lani has had to be to achieve this. Lani’s narration of the Bennett/Archer series isn’t an accident, it’s passion, commitment, and damn hard work. I’m eternally grateful to him and his team for all that they’ve done.

    Candice Fox - Australian Novelist

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