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Since propulsion to centre stage in the village Christmas pageant as a five year old, Julian has performed in theatre, radio, TV and film productions, as an on-camera presenter, as a live announcer, compére and MC, and across the broad spectrum of voice-over recording.

Julian’s voice talents are widely used in:

  • television, internet, cinema and radio commercials
  • corporate narration
  • documentary narration, and
  • training and information programs.


He is completely at ease with complex technical, medical, financial and scientific material, as well as with more relaxed, conversational educational and marketing productions.

While his voice comfortably ranges from a warm intimacy to corporate authority, he is also often called upon for stronger, edgier deliveries in theatre advertising, TV promos, film trailers and retail commercials.

As a voice actor, he offers a range of accents and characters when productions require that extra bit of colour. His ability to speak German, Afrikaans, some French, and bits of Italian, Spanish and Russian add to his appeal. He has even been called upon for Japanese—that is, his pronunciation of someone else’s Japanese…



  1. Whether you need the silky smooth tones to sell your client’s best ideals, or the perfect timbre to promote the latest and greatest widget, Julian has the voice…a voice like milk chocolate.

    —Dean Covell, CASA: Section Head Digital

  2. Julian has one of those superb voices. He oozes elegance and charm, with unquestionable authority … a trait that has helped deliver for us authentic and powerful campaigns, over the many projects we’ve worked with him on. On top of that, his effortless professionalism and infectious work ethic makes for an easy and painless audio process. Truly a joy to work with.

    Will Odillo Maher, Executive Producer Vokyo Entertainment (Australia)

  3. Julian is always striving to deliver the best work he can, exploring various styles and ensuring the client is happy.
 When you book Julian for a job, rest assured you are in good hands. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Julian Pulvermacher for the past 20 years. He is what I call a “class act”.
 His voice is something to behold—deep, smooth, engaging, intelligent. His ability to bring an “international” and “premium” feel to a script is truly unique.

    Brad Power
, Stellar Entertainment

  4. In my 34 years experience I can categorically say Julian is one of the best in the country. His variety of voices, his passion and determination to get it exactly how the client wants and his interpretation of direction while all the time in good humour is really quite remarkable.

    Guy Mansfield, Creative Director and Head of Broadcast ACMN

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