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My name’s John Batchelor. Normally this bio stuff is written in a ‘John did this’ and ‘John did that’ sort of way, but I’m going to freshen it up some.

I started my life out as an actor who did some voice overs but since joining RMK about halfway through 2013, and I think it’s fair to say I’ve turned into a Voice artist who does some acting. That’s been a big change for me and I have to say, I bloody love it.

My early acting life was spent between Brisbane and Sydney after graduating from NIDA in 1992. I worked mainly in theatre doing Shakespeare, contempory Australian and International work and my favourite, Moliere.  I’m a sucker for French farce. I thought that acting on stage was all I wanted to do. I loved it. Interpreting scripts is what I studied to do and playing leading and supporting roles for theatre companies like Queensland Theatre Company, Sydney Theatre Company, La Boite, Bell Shakespeare and Company B Belvoir were stuff that dreams were made of.

Then, around 2006, I was offered a role in the channel 9 action/drama Sea Patrol around the same time as being made the voice for AEC, informing people that “their vote was a valuable thing”. All of a sudden my life changed from Theatre to film and TV and voice work. Regular film and TV work followed and even more opportunities in the voice world. It was a new and exciting world for me to be a part of.  Five seasons of Sea Patrol, Underbelly: Razor, The Great Mint Swindle and the AACTA award winning Red Dog were some of my favourites as well as voicing the release of the all new Subaru Forester in 2012 and becoming the voice of the A&E channel on Foxtel

Then I met the wonderful people at RMK and to say my life has changed, again, would be an understatement. I’ve not only voiced many more ad campaigns for business’ on TV and Radio but I’ve also done countless internal corporate reads for all sorts of banking institutions, airlines, government departments, television networks and private corporations. Some companies use me to be the “walkthrough” voice on their employment pages. I work on AM and FM radio doing promotions and commercials. I’ve narrated series like Air Rescue on Channel 7 for 4 years and the Investment series starting in 2017 on Channel 9.

I honestly had no idea I could do so many different things in the voice world, but I can and I do, everyday, and, you guessed it. I. Bloody. Love. It.

Have a listen to my demo and I’m sure you’ll find a read right for you and your business.


  1. Great voice, great guy, great to work with. He was in the studio, I was in Perth on Teams, and John was able to very easily make adjustments based on my suggestions.


  2. When John’s in the booth or ‘down the line’, I know the session’s going to run smoothly, no matter how many script changes or versions of the read are required. He’s technically brilliant in his vocal delivery, brings consideration to every script and interprets direction and feedback like the seasoned professional he is. It’s always a pleasure working with Batch!

    Mike Lange

  3. John is an absolute delight to work with. He has been our voiceover artist for a little over 6 months now on a weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) basis, and every delivery is flawless and well-executed. John requires very little direction, and often gives his own creative direction on the read or script. He will also never leave a session until he is happy that he has given his best performance for the brand.

    Ladbrokes Australia is lucky to have him!

    Louise Eadie - Ladbrokes

  4. John is an absolute legend to work with!
    The consummate professional, his acting prowess really makes every project stand out.
    He’s always willing to go above and beyond! (Even below water)
    If Batch was an Uber he’d get 5 stars!

    Thom Wood

  5. I’ve worked with John for over 4 years now on a weekly basis and he’s an absolute joy to have in the audio booth. He takes direction well, contributes great ideas and elevates everything he lends his dulcet tones to. A&E wouldn’t be the same without him!

    Jared Barnes

  6. John was FANTASTIC! We absolutely loved working with him and the V/O suits the ad perfectly.

    Annika Cloros - Account Executive, Live in the Projects

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