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Jesse is an Australian voice actor and presenter.

With degrees in Sound Engineering and Broadcasting, he started behind the desk producing and directing talent, but after stepping on front of the mic a few times they just couldn’t get rid of him.

Since joining RMK, his body of work ranges from radio and television commercials to corporate narrations, promos and animation. And his client base is as diverse, having worked with national and international brands, fast food outlets, radio stations, universities, nightclubs and TV stations – to name a few.

He has eight years of TV hosting under his belt and is a seasoned MC, having hosted corporate parties, modelling competitions and is currently the Global Event Presenter for the fun-run/music festival, The Music Run.

Jesse, also grew up playing music and performing so if there’s a stage and a guitar he’ll usually find his way up there!

For Jesse’s talented and charismatic presenter reel, please see HERE


  1. “Jesse Lawrence is an outlaw bank & train robber.
    Hang on, that’s Jesse James.
    You can bank on Mr Lawrence being highly trained at voiceovers, however.
    He’s deadly in the booth. And he will steal your heart.”

    Garry Dean - Creative Director Nova 93.7 Perth

  2. “Recording voiceovers with Jesse is like catching up with a mate – if your mate could deliver convincing, versatile voiceovers and take direction like a champ. If it needs a voice and it doesn’t have to be an 85 year old female, Jesse can probably do it.”

    Magnus Newman - Creative Writer Nova 93.7 Perth

  3. “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jesse on a few major radio campaigns. Cast him for brands who ARE cool or brands who WANT to sound cool.
    Cast for: Conversational. Relatable. Aspirational.
    Reads well. Translates well. Understands the script. Takes direction well and adds his own… whatever was missing before he read it :)”

    Lisa Burton - Creative Director Nova 96.9 Sydney

  4. “Jesse has one of those guy next door voices that is both cool & enthusiastic all at the same time. He has a great ear for what he’s doing & combined with his audio engineer skills & musical background is an all round easy to work with guy.”

    Greg Crittenden - Producer/Engineer

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