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Jake Downs is one of Australia’s leading voiceover artists.

For more than 30 years his voice has driven successful campaigns for national and international brands.  Jake has a gift for storytelling, a way of connecting with the audience and bringing scripts to life.

An accomplished actor and presenter, Jake’s range covers goofy dad to corporate spokesperson, hardworking farmer to knockabout tradie bloke.

Jake Downs is the Australian everyman, the bloke next door, the guy from the footy club, the bank manager, the referee, the principal, having a chat to your mate in the pub.

You can see all of Jake’s showreels, listen to demos, and get more info on his website:


Get Jake.
He’s good.



    He sounds GREAT!

    Thom Wood - Creative Director @ SCA Sydney

  2. Jake is a great go to man who delivers enthusiasm, interpretation and clarity in equal measure.
    Time and time again he has gone above and beyond to fit in with tight time lines together with a cool head.
    He moves effortlessly between an urgent retail read and a more measured emotional performance.

    Geoff Esdaile
    Senior Creative Writer, The Studio at SCA

    Geoff Esdaile


  3. Jake Downs is the voice of Australia¹s every-man. You just want to have a
    beer with him and get him to spin another yarn. When you need more Russell Crowe than Russell Crowe.

    Sam Yeomans - Head of Broadcast Y&R Group.


  4. Often, when I’m writing an ad that requires an Aussie bloke who screams sincerity and believability (sometimes with a comedic twist) and a down to earth vibe, I catch myself impersonating Jake in my head. My version is rubbish, but the point is, Jake is that voice, the guy who can tell other guys about tools and have them shelling out to replace theirs. The guy who can tell mums what painkiller is best for their kids and have them wondering “What the hell was I thinking with tablets? Gel caps are the answer.” On top of this, Jake is on time; every time, warm, smiley, amazing with clients and professional to a T. He’s one of the greats – and he’s more versatile than you think!

    Emily Rice - Campaign Creative Director, The Studio at SCA

  5. Jake can do the everyday man voice, but so much more. He’s up for anything, follows direction like a pro and is always a good vibe.

    Abigail Sie - Sound Supervisor, Song Zu Sydney

  6. Here at ARN we are producing spots for three different radio brands and genres. Jake’s unique style sits perfectly across all three. He’s great to work with and brings total believability to every read.

    Gregg Sinclair - Sound Designer, Australian Radio Network

  7. Jake Downs = awesome. Not only can he can interpret a script he can turn it into something amazing. From the man in the street, humorous to hard sell – Jake brings it home every time.

    Carly Nicolaides - Southern Cross Austereo, Brisbane

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