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Heather began working in radio at an early age in a programme entitled “Youth Takes the Air”.  The love of the medium was instilled and throughout her professional career as an actress, voice work has always played an important role.

She has played numerous characters, ranging from rocks, racoons and ankle-biters of both sexes to Shakesperean and Dickensian heroines.  Heather’s wide range of accents and characters was demonstrated when she played Ellen Kelly, all other female voices plus a parrot for 2GB’s comedy series on the Kelly family.

Her screeching harridan helped a photographic company win an international award.  Her warm, calm tones ease Westpac customers through the intricacies of telephone banking.  She’s narrated programmes for tourism campaigns, airlines, in-house training videos, educational institutions, medical and scientific projects and documentaries.

Having performed in every facet of this business from Musicals and Pantomimes to Film and Theatre, she is equally at home as a feisty old lady – as seen in the “Which Car? Magazine” TV commercial, or as the outraged spinster, Miss Gibson, burning erotic material contained in Cleo Magazine.  Dispensing handy hints over a cup of tea to cricketer Steve Waugh does not faze her either.

With her versatility, professionalism and wide experience, Heather is considered one of Australia’s MOST WANTED voices.


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