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Grace was never really sure of what she wanted to do when she was younger, all she knew was that she wanted to perform and entertain people. She grew up as a dancer-training in classical ballet for 13 years, but it wasn’t until she turned 18 and landed her first TV role as a presenter and face of the channel ‘ABC3’ (now called ‘ABCME’), that she realised her future was in the media industry.

This role not only trained her to be a talented host and presenter but she also wrote her own content for the channel. She has also had the opportunity to be a live host for the Family Fireworks Live New Year’s Eve broadcast on ABCTV for 4 years as well as travel to Belarus and Georgia to cover the Junior Eurovision Song Competition as an overseas reporter.

Grace works hard to improve herself every day, not just as an actor, presenter and voice over artist, but also as a person. She is a quick learner, takes direction well, is always easy to work with and is very passionate about everything she does.


  1. No one “gets” a script quicker than Grace. She always seems to know exactly what I want before I give any direction. The fact that she has the kind of voice that can make any product sound fresh is an added bonus.

    Pete Laurie - Campaign Creative Writer, SCA Melbourne

  2. Grace is one of the most hard-working actors I’ve ever left an unsolicited review for.
    Her attitude; always ‘yes, and’.
    Her range; incredibly impressive.
    Her humble nature; a stark contrast to her star-power.
    As if my opinion matters; her work speaks for itself! check it out!

    Aussie Moore - NOVA CREATE

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