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Exotic, charismatic, charming, bold, suave and sensuous. These are all words that Gareth Prosser knows how to pronounce correctly. They can therefore, be safely added to the next script he reads for you. While his dear Mum will claim this collection of words describe him perfectly (even the last one…strangely), we think he would just prefer you to know this:

Clean, crisp, articulate and informative, his natural style and tone possess great appeal for a wide range of audience and subject matter. While having enjoyed extensive international experience and training as a stage performer, his versatility and scope behind the mic is an endless source of entertainment and excitement.

Gareth has worked with clients including McDonalds, Vodafone, SingTel, StarHub, Mattel, Crown Resorts, Origin Energy, QR National and The Australian Defence Force. His resume stretches from commercial reads right through to large volume corporate narrations, and character work for long running animations series. Some have described him as sensuous…well, one has…


  1. As a Copywriter in advertising, I’ve worked with many voice over artists and have to say that Gareth is an absolute stand-out. He brings energy, versatility and is committed to getting the perfect read every time. He takes on feedback and self edits during the session as he picks up on mistakes that only he can hear (he’s that good!) A dream to work with and will continue to in the future.

    Anna McLeod

  2. This guy always delivers! His style, energy and creativity always makes us and the client very happy. He is easy to work with and a great guy too!

    Kenny Ng - Green Apple Studios (Singapore)

  3. Gareth’s versatility and dedication to his clients is what really makes him a stand out as a voice over talent. He is easy to direct, a pleasure to work with and his acting background shines through with his ability to interpret a script.

    James Watson – Bagana Audio

  4. Gareth is an extremely talented voice artist with an incredible range of styles, accents and characters. Having worked with him over the last few years, it’s always great to see what he brings to the table.

    Matt McKenzie-Smith, Mattrixx Audio

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